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Gone Fishin'

Back to Dr. Du Maurier's. Hannibal signs something that will allow her to discuss him with Jack, which she doesn't want to do. Hannibal says he got to be the new Will Graham today, seeing a crime scene as he imagines Will saw it. She wants to know why he'd invite scrutiny? He answers, "I'm being as open and honest as I know how." She's unhappy about having to lie for him if Jack asks certain questions. She warns him, "Jack Crawford doesn't know what you're capable of." His answer, of course, is, "Neither do you."

Hey, it's those dogs that Will had! I'm glad to see that they're doing well. The scene of them playing in the field with Dr. Bloom is intercut with her visiting Will. She says most of the dogs are adjusting, although the one named Winston sometimes runs away to his old home. Will tells Bloom he doesn't have representation because he keeps firing the FBI lawyers. She thinks he has automatism, meaning that he was unconscious when he committed murders. He wants to remember how it was done to him, where "it" is "whatever it was that was done to him." She seems concerned that he could just remember doing the murders, which would take away his legal argument. She thinks this Will is incapable of the murders. In his office, Dr. Chilton is listening. I don't think this counts as spying, because after all, it is his hospital. Will says, "I hear Hannibal's voice in the well of my mind." He even hears words that Hannibal never said to him, which he feels is evidence of repressed memories. So he wants to go through memory recovery.

There's a cool metronome, all lit up like a light saber. It's very reminiscent of the re-creation effect from last season, although it's blue, not orange. Dr. Bloom has Will close his eyes. But now he can't see the cool metronome! We see Will's imagination, in which Dr. Bloom is naked. Why not, right? She's also got a weird lighting effect. Her imagined body kisses him and envelops him in ink.

Then, fully immersed in hypnosis, Will sees a full banquet table lade with rotting food and an octopus and crows. You know, that sort of thing. And there's the human with the antlers. There's an ear on his plate. He wakes up and stops the metronome. Dr. Bloom asks, "Will, what did you see?"

Hannibal brings Dr. Chilton some fancy food. He notes, "It's rare that I cook a meatless meal." I feel like half of what Hannibal says is just so that people will get the joke later. Dr. Chilton lost a kidney, so he can't have meat. He complains about Will not talking to him, although Hannibal thinks he'll be a challenge for Dr. Bloom, as well. Chilton is so pleased about having a lucid mass murderer who's got training in psychiatry, because it should yield fascinating results. He tells Hannibal about the recovered memory session, although he's skeptical. And he should be! Will's telling everyone that Hannibal is a monster, which means that Hannibal can respond, "Well, in that case, you're dining with a psychopathic murderer, Frederick."

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