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Gone Fishin'

The Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. We're probably going to have a lot of scenes here, and I'm reluctant to keep calling it by its full name. I also don't like BSHCI or the first nickname which occurs to me, which is "Arkham Asylum." We'll work through this together. Will is sitting quietly in a darkened cell. He looks up to see hooves. But then it's really Dr. Lecter. Apparently the thoughts he hears in his head no longer sound like his own voice. Now it sounds like Hannibal. That's unusual! Will makes the subtext text by explaining, "I can't get you out of my head." He does not consider Hannibal his friend, regardless of what Hannibal says. Will claims he has clarity about Hannibal. In my opinion, he seems to be annoyed about being driven crazy over the course of the last season. Although he also had that brain problem, which nobody but Hannibal knows about. Will threatens a reckoning, which is not the kind of thing you want to say when you're trying to convince people that you're not a crazy murderer.

A lavish close-up of a swab being taken of Hannibal's cheek. Beverly Katz (do you like how I looked up everyone's first and last names?) also has Hannibal's suits, because everything is being processed to see if he might have been involved in any of those murders that Will says he did. She assures him that it's just a formality and that nobody aside from Will expects to find anything. Hannibal points out that she might be responsible for the evidence that convicts Will. But she found so much evidence that there was no need to intuit. She seems to blame Hannibal for not protecting Will from himself, which is pretty close to the truth. She assures Hannibal that he's not a suspect. In fact, she says, "You're the new Will Graham." Hey, maybe Dr. Du Maurier will gaslight Hannibal in this season, and then we can just keep going up a chain of evil psychiatrists.

Hannibal enters the crime scene of the beaver-dam murders. Jack's on a bridge as bodies are brought up. He'd like a psychological profile. Four bodies have been found, but there's at least one more down there. The bodies were coated in resin, but they're not perfectly preserved. Hannibal suggests that they might have been injected with silicone, which is something that's done to make resin-coated models of fish. Everyone agrees that their killer is making human models, and that the bodies they've found were the rejected ones that got thrown in the river.

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