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Gone Fishin'

Jack and Dr. Alana Bloom are being questioned by a high-ranking FBI lady. Dr. Bloom filed a report saying that Jack was warned that it might be a bad idea to keep bringing Will Graham around on investigations. He knew that Dr. Bloom would file the report and didn't even advise against it. The FBI person is concerned because the report is an official allegation of misconduct. Dr. Bloom thought she was only alleging a lapse in judgment, but that's the same thing in the eyes of the FBI. Because of her report, there will be an internal examination. There wasn't going to be one anyway? I would think an FBI agent (or whatever Will's status officially was) being a serial killer is something you'd want to look at. But people want to cover this up, which sounds challenging. Dr. Bloom will not recant her report, so things are going to get ugly for Jack. Which is not entirely inappropriate, in my opinion. Even though Will didn't actually kill those people, I still think he probably should have stopped going into the field at some point.

Rockville, Maryland. Two maintenance workers are hip-deep in a river because there's something wrong with some beaver dams. It smells bad. They dig around and a dead body surfaces. Oh my! The skin on its face comes off and it is gross. So I guess we'll be having non-Hannibal serial killers this season, which makes this a good time for me to complain about the names this show gives to its serial killers. "The Minnesota Shrike" only makes sense if you're trying to distinguish him from the Shrikes in Georgia and Arizona. And "The Chesapeake Ripper" is just boring. I would like them to mix it up a little. They don't all have to be "Place-name Thing."

Remember when I commented on all the slow-motion shots? They're kind of balanced off by the time-lapse establishing shots. This shot of the outside of Dr. Gillian Anderson's place is sped up for no real reason. It's hard to even notice it. Hannibal sits with her, and I suppose I have to learn her character's name now. It's Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, although she's clearly Gillian Anderson. It's nice that she has a job where she doesn't have to worry about getting alien cancer all the time. Hannibal would like to see Will and examine the way he thinks, although Dr. Du Maurier (it seems weird to call her Bedelia, although hardly anybody calls Dr. Lecter "Hannibal") disapproves. She feels that Will intends to manipulate Hannibal and vice versa. Hannibal misses Will. He claims to just be intrigued, but he's clearly obsessed. He claims that Will is interesting to him because "he sees his own mentality as grotesque, but useful."

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