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Gone Fishin'

Welcome to the second season of Hannibal. We start, of course, with Hannibal Lecter cutting into some meat in slow motion. Jack Crawford's face appears in the reflection of the knife and their eyes meet. As Hannibal sets the knife down, his face replaces Jack's in the reflection. Jack pulls out a pistol, but Hannibal throws his knife across the room and hits him in the gun hand. They fight! The gun gets kicked under the refrigerator. Punch! Neck hold! Pepper mill to the face! And so forth! Jack has a knife, but Hannibal has a towel and he disarms Jack with this neat wrap-around move. He follows that up with a refrigerator door to the face, but Jack is back up! Now Hannibal has a knife. Jack wraps his tie around his fist so he can punch like a boxer. He catches the knife. Punch! Reverse suplex! Punch to the back of the head! Choke with a tie! Hannibal's white shirt is all bloody as he starts to lose consciousness. This is a lot of recapping for a scene that I don't even believe is really happening. Hannibal stabs some broken glass into Jack's neck and Jack hides in the wine closet.

Then the screen cuts to black and there's a caption that says "Twelve Weeks Earlier." So I guess that scene really did happen. Or at least, will happen in twelve weeks of show time. So that's something to watch for.

Hannibal slices some fish and washes bits of meat. But this is present-time meat, not future-time meat. He's serving Jack Kaiseki, which Wikipedia informs me is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It's also the name of this episode. Jack claims he feels guilty about eating it, and we get a gratuitous shot of the wine pouring. I guess it's not really gratuitous in a show that's so much about food porn, but it's awfully showy. The fish is flounder, if you're keeping track. Hannibal says he last prepared this meal for his aunt on the occasion of a loss, which brings them to the subject of Will Graham. Jack says Will's death is on him, Hannibal thinks it's on both of them. But he hasn't even been found guilty yet, so they seem a little premature to me. Will is openly blaming Hannibal for everything he's accused of doing, which is only making him sound crazier. Jack is going to investigate Hannibal in order to clear him of all those murders he actually did, which seems like it will take about twelve weeks to resolve completely.

Will is standing in the middle of a wide stream, fishing. He casts in slow motion. There's a lot of slow motion in this show, isn't there? He sees a stag on the shore. This guy sees more stags than Harry Potter fighting a whole flock of Dementors. That's an awesome joke and you know it. But Will is actually in a tiny cage. Dr. Frederick Chilton is talking to him, but we can't hear him because Will is still imagining fishing. As he fades back into reality, Chilton asks, "How does that make you feel?" That's a boring question. Will would like to talk to Dr. Lecter. Then he closes his eyes and we go back to the stream. A person with antlers rises out of the water. I feel bad for Will for being framed for multiple murders, but he could also probably get some benefit out of some treatment.

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