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I have had literally no feedback about last week's inclusion of a mini-recap for the movie Manhunter. So I can only assume it was a huge success! Naturally, this week's mini-recap is for the movie Red Dragon, the second adaptation of the novel that forms the source material for this series. There's a lot more Hannibal Lecter in Red Dragon, because it's the Anthony Hopkins version. We even get to see Will Graham (Ed Norton this time) realize that Hannibal is the serial killer he's looking for right at the beginning of the movie. There's also an extra visit between Will and Hannibal and a crazy exercise room for Hannibal, where he gets to walk in a circle while he's chained to the ceiling. Another part of the way this movie highlights Hannibal is that Francis Dolarhyde is a little less crazy. Don't get me wrong; he's still very, very crazy. But the version in Manhunter was very "Buffalo Bill." The nickname "Tooth Fairy" no longer has the slur in it, which makes the movie slightly more sensitive. And because this is a Brett Ratner movie, there are a lot more explosions. That about covers it. Okay, on with the TV show.

A clock is at 12:05, but it's running backwards. So we're starting on a particularly artsy note tonight. Will is in his cell, wearing a suit. The camera rotates around to see him also getting killed in the electric chair. It's happening in reverse, which means that the smoke is going into his body. Don't think too hard about that, because it might be the grossest thing in the episode. When the clock rewinds to 12:00, a prison guard takes the mask off the Will in the chair, which represents him putting the mask on him at midnight. Suit-wearing Will watches and then throws the switch. He watches chair-Will get electrocuted, this time in forward motion and not wearing a mask.

Then Will wakes up in his cell.

In alternating shots, we see Hannibal and Will putting on shirts and ties. Because they're parallel characters, get it? Do ya? Huh? They're so parallel that by the time this series gets to the events of Red Dragon, there won't be much left to do because Will is spending this whole season doing the things Hannibal does in the source material. Hannibal spends more time getting dressed, because he has to put in some work adjusting his tie and vest.

We're already in Will's trial. I thought the place would be full of reporters, but this world has so many serial killers that maybe they're all burnt out. Still, an FBI profiler who's accused of being a serial killer? That's news! The prosecutor in the case talks about the Minnesota Shrike, claiming that Will Graham understood how the Shrike thought, but his profile was so vivid that he couldn't escape it: "And in an unconscious state, he killed four more women." You probably remember them from the first season, but for the record (this recap counts as an official trial record, right?), they were Cassie Boyle, Marissa Schur, Georgia Madchen, and Abigail Hobbs. According to the prosecutor, Will wasn't able to save Abigail from himself. So he ate her ear. Also, he has remarkable visual memory and is so smart that he made up a profile of an imaginary murderer to be his alibi.

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