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Will Graham is doing a little home repair, which seems like an odd pastime for him, but I guess a man needs to fix his vacuum? Table saw? Hair dryer? Whatever it is, he's on the living room floor fixing it with his baker's dozen of rescue dogs watching him when he hears a strange noise. Of course none of his dogs are reacting to the noise, which is suspicious. Graham heads out to the field next to his house to investigate without taking his dogs with him, which seems like ridiculous behavior for a dog enthusiast. Anyway, there's nothing there and Graham stares out into the darkness realizing that he still has to walk his dogs.

A striking black man that Hannibal met at the opera last week is giving cello lessons to a young man. The boy inquires about the origin of the cellos strings, "Are they really made from cat guts?" The man laughs, "Not always." And then flashes back to killing a man, removing his intestines and making him into cello strings. Hey show: Gross.

Graham invited Dr. Alana Bloom over to help track the animal he thought he heard in the field. They find nothing, but they do firmly establish that their hang-out was not a date. Although Bloom looks a little disappointed about that and so does Graham.

One of Lecter's patients, who IMDB informs me is named Franklin, although I swear that they have never said his name on the show, really wants to be friends with Lecter and won't take the hint that Lecter doesn't want to be friends, even though Lecter flat out told him as much last week. Can someone buy Franklin a clue? No? How about a Kickstarter campaign for his undoubtedly copious counseling bill? Franklin comes in for his weekly session (dressed similarly to Lecter) and announces that he's been analyzing his friends because that's what Lecter would do if he was their friend or something. Franklin Googled psychopathic personality traits and realized his friend Tobias (the cello teacher) fits most of the criteria. Lecter doesn't seem surprised, because clearly Franklin is attracted to psychopaths. Franklin's not sure what to make of that information. Also, I'm pretty sure that Lecter has some sort of Grindr app for psychopaths.

The Victim Du Jour was killed grotesquely, naturally. He was a musician in the Philharmonic (a profession that only serves to remind me of Dana from Ghostbusters) and was strung up on the stage with a cello handle sticking out of his mouth and his throat shredded into strings. In a show that does not shy away from the gross, this crime scene was pretty puke-inducing with the victim turned into a cello and nothing left to the imagination. They leave Graham alone to do his thing. He recreates the crime in his mind and figures out what body part was opened first and why. Turns out the killer wanted to turn the victim into an instrument and play him. As Graham gets in his head, playing the grotesque instrument, he sees the ghost of Garrett Hobbes in the audience applauding.

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