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Just Like Santa Claus
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William Graham is having a bad dream. Well, one can only assume it's a dream although on this show, who knows. Anyway, he is walking down a road in his underwear with an elk breathing down his neck. He is woken up by cops who are trying to figure out if he is a sleepwalker or in a drug-fueled fugue. Both, maybe? They take the groggy and confused William home and he slaps on some pants and heads straight to Hannibal Lecter for a debriefing on his sleepwalking episode. He apologizes for the early hour, but Hannibal assures him that while office hours are for patients, his kitchen is always open for friends. Luckily, William only wants coffee right now, so we don't have to sit through another gratuitous is-it-or-isn't-it scene of meat eating. Lecter doesn't think that Will has spontaneously started sleepwalking, but rather is suffering from PTSD from being back in the field too soon after shooting Garret Jacob Hobbes dead. Then they talk about Jack Crawford. Lecter thinks it's all Jack Crawford's fault. Will, however, isn't buying it. Jack is his friend. Lecter goes full Alfred E. Neuman with a "What, Me Worry?" face.

Meanwhile some creepy white dude in a motel is envisioning a nice couple with flaming heads and starts filling a bucket of ice. Yep, it's their next case. Jack and Will show up on the scene and Jack warns him that he needs to brace himself for this one because it's extra gross. Will walks in the room and gulps. The killer has set up the nice Mr. and Mrs. as angels with the skin from their back splayed as wings. Jack may not barf, but I will. Will thinks the guy was transforming or elevating the victims by making them into extras from the "Bodies" exhibition. When the CSI chick realizes that the killer slept on the bed to with his angels watching over him, Will decides to give it a whirl, too. It goes about as well as you would think.

While viewers may have lost their appetites, Jack has not. He and his wife, Bella (played by Firefly's Gina Torres a.k.a. Mrs. Laurence Fishburne) are dining at Lecter's house when she balks at eating foie gras, not because it's gross, but because it's unethical. Hannibal assures her that he employs an ethical butcher, because he is opposed to animal cruelty. Isn't that nice? PETA would be so proud to have Lecter on their team, I'm sure.

Over at the lab, Will divines that the killer is afraid of dying in his sleep and is making angels to watch over him. The clue as to what he is afraid from lies in the barf the killer left on the nightstand like the world's worst turndown service. The drugs present in the puke indicate that the guy has a brain tumor. That's why he's afraid and that's why he needs angels to watch over him in his sleep.

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