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Dr. Strangelove
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William Graham is a lousy shot. Except in his very active imagination when he's shooting the zombified version of last week's model of serial killer, Garret Jacob Hobbes. Despite the fact that Hobbes' case is closed, what with him being dead and all, but Jack Crawford brings Graham to Hobbes' cabin so he can analyze the space and learn from it for the next case they get where some guy is propping up dead girls on deer antlers after eating their organs. The attic in the cabin is filled with antlers. Antlers and one solitary hair, which, of course, Graham immediately spots. Elsewhere a blogger puts the finishing touches on a story about Hobbes, complete with exclusive photos of Hobbes' antlered lair. Also the blogger is naked, because why not. Who doesn't prefer to blog naked? Heck I'm naked right now*. (* I am lying.)

Crawford wants Graham to get therapy from Lecter, which, with our knowledge of Future Lecter is pretty insulting actually. Crawford and the woman who is Graham's friend ...ugh, BRB, looking up her name on IMDB, since they never say it. Okay, her name is Dr. Alana Bloom and she is simultaneously Graham's friend and Crawford's ersatz spy. Bloom points out that Graham just killed someone and maybe he should get some therapy to talk about his feelings. Graham relents, because if he didn't this show would be pretty strange. So Graham goes to see Lecter, who simply rubber stamps Graham's forms so he can go back to working in the field. Their therapy session is definitely no Tony Soprano and Dr. Melfi relationship. Instead Graham studies Lecter's bookcase (no copies of How to Serve Man?) on one level, while Lecter offers opinions from another level. Graham tells Lecter that Crawford thinks Hobbes' daughter helped him kill those girls. Lecter thinks it is possible, even though it makes Graham feel funny in his tummy.

A group of young boys are hiking through the woods instead of watching television like decent folk. Deep in the forest (which looks just like the set of Grimm) they find a little mushroom garden and - proving that they are not botanists - a plant that they think is marijuana, but is actually a human hand. In fact there are a lot of human hands sticking out of the ground with what look like IV tubes. It's basically a scene out of Motel Hell, but less funny. Crawford conscripts Graham for the case, because when someone is burying people alive (nine of them), sticking them in shallow graves and giving them air and food to keep them alive, it is a special kind of psycho that needs Graham's special skill set. Once the decaying bodies are pulled out, Graham studies the dead. And then one grabs him. Yep, one was somehow still alive. Instead of celebrating the miracle, Graham is morose (or more morose than usual) because he was once again envisioning Hobbes, a fact that sends him right back to Lecter. He isn't sure he's ready to be back in the field.

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