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Shalom means never having to say "I love you"

Dave's over by the entrance as Schmarce enters, sans Eli. Dave notices and asks where he is. Schmarce says it didn't work out, and Dave asks what happened. "Let's just say...he wasn't everything he was...cut out to be," she says. Yuck. Dave intones that this is indeed a "bummer." Marcy responds, "Someday I'd like to meet someone that's totally honest and straightforward." Dave agrees. Schmarce then tells Dave not to let Hunter take advantage of him. "There are so many really good people out there," she says, "and you deserve to be with someone who totally values you." Dave is obviously not over Schmarce, because this comment puts stars in his eyes. Hunter arrives and promptly knocks said stars to the ground. "Dave!" she sings. "Where were you? I thought we were coming here together?" "We were?" asks Dave, surprised. Hunter grabs him and pulls him aside. "I couldn't stop thinking about what you said," she whispers. "What?" says Dave. "What'd I say?" Before Hunter can tell him, she nabs a red wine from a passing waiter and raises it high. "I'd like to make a toast," she yells. Everyone stands up. "To Quentin King. May this year bring him the kind of love in his life that...I have found in mine." Then she lays a long, deep one on Dave, who thinks that he may have just tumbled into an alternate universe. Everyone looks on, stunned. Hunter pulls back and whispers, "Aren't you gonna say something?" Dave, wondering where the exit door is, says, "I think I've said enough for one day." And how, bra.

Next week: Another rerun. Which means I don't have another chance to screw up another taping of another show. Lucky me.

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