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Boyfriends Come And Go, But Trophies Are Forever

Turkey. Stuffing. Yams. My fat ass on the sofa. ForEVER. I thought I'd never get to this recap, but now that I have, I wish I were parked back in front of a plate fairly quivering beneath the weight of my Thanksgiving fare. Mmmm...mashed potatoes...

Oh, well.

On Grosse Pointe the show, Laura, Becky, and Kim are exiting the front doors of Grosse Pointe High. Laura can't believe that Becky's passing up a semester in Oslo. "I know," says Becky. "The fish. The fjords." Hee. Apparently, art is Becky's passion. Indicated primarily by the lame-ass daisy she's twirling between her fingers. Yes, all people passionate about art carry daisies. It's a well-known fact. The only thing keeping Becky away from all that whitefish and ABBA is, you guessed it, Stone. Too bad that Becky thinks Stone is having an affair. "Again?" asks Kim. Hee, "again." Laura's all, "Why would you think that?" Boyfriend-thieving ho-bag.

Just then, some skinny blond dude comes running onto the set screaming, "Courtney!" Kev tries to stop him, but since Kev has all the authority of a jar of Dippity-Do, this guy just shoves him aside and keeps on going. Kev nervously speaks into his radio. "Suspicious person entering the set. Possible stalker." Yeah. That oughta do it, Kevvie.

The blond dude storms onto the set, still shouting out Courtney's name. Before he can potentially rid Grosse Pointe of Courtney's winsome good looks, several stage hands tackle him to the ground. Courtney drops her schoolbooks and screams, "Stop! That's my boyfriend!"

Oh, God.

When we return from break, Rob's unconvincingly apologizing to Courtney's boyfriend about the aforementioned tackle. The boyfriend doesn't seem to mind. "It's no problem," he says. "I'm just glad to see you're taking such good care of my Court." Courtney coos and kisses him. Oh, please. If Hank4 pulled something like that with me, I'd kick his ass so hard it'd be protruding from between his lips. Of course, I'm not some hot chick on a WB show and Hank4's not a doofus, so this is really a moot point to make, actually. (P.S. Last week I referred to my significant other as "Ruprecht." This is a name that Sars coined for him when we met her in New York. When Hank4 found out about this nickname, he wasn't pleased. ["Jeez, what a baby." -- Sars] So he came up with his own alias, and "Hank4" it is. Gotta keep him happy. Or no more hanky-panky, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.)

As Courtney sucks the lower lip off her boyfriend, Hunter makes French-kissing faces in the background, and Rob reminds Courtney that they have a show to do, so her saliva-exchanging will just have to wait. "Well, this has been a fun visit," the boyfriend sneers, earning himself the Regina-bestowed nickname of "SeƱor Stinky." Courtney tells him she won't be long and returns to work.

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