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First of all, a huge thanks to Al and Jacob for emergency subbing for me this week when I came down with the worst stomach flu I've had since I was a child. As I lay there getting my IV fluids and meds and generally being pathetic, I was totally eavesdropping on all of the nurses and I must say, their conversations were incredibly boring and only related to things like work or Girl Scout cookies. Does this mean that everything we've been sold on this show about the non-stop saucy, sex-at-work lives of doctors and nurses has been a LIE??

Richard arrives at work to lots of happy birthday wishes from Bailey, Arizona and Owen, though he figures Owen didn't remember and is just faking it because he heard the others say it. Owen then tells Richard he wants to talk later regarding Richard's surgical schedule. Owen seems nervous, but Richard knows Catherine is coming to town and assumes all of this is a cover for a surprise party, seemingly forgetting that Catherine might also have other business to attend to as well, namely, her son's elopement. But Owen tells Richard that he really does want to talk, and then hands over a package which contains a retirement proposal pamphlet. Richard's good birthday mood is immediately washed away, while Mere tells us that the toughest stage of childbirth is the "Transition Stage," where you're exhausted and been pushing forever with nothing to show for it yet.

Mere appears to have found her bioengineer, a cute young guy named Eric who helpfully exposits that he beat out 100 other engineers for the position. The only problem is that Mere doesn't actually want to let him get his hands on the printer and informs him that all he'll be doing to start is reading every word of their research thus far. She's so serious that he not touch her baby that she assigns Stephanie the boring task of watching him read while she continues to voiceover about the frustration of childbirth.

Because this season is All About Research, Cristina's conduit project is full steam ahead and Smash is interviewing prospective subjects -- or rather, their parents, since their test subjects will be children. Cristina is in another room only looking at scans of the kids' hearts because she wants to make a totally unbiased decision on who gets to participate without any messy outside factors like emotions or relationships getting in the way. Owen comes in to see how it's all going and she starts musing about finding him a new girlfriend and figures there must be some scientific way to find him the perfect mate, where she could just punch in a bunch of criteria and choose from the results to find him the ideal woman. It takes Owen to point out that she's describing online dating, and he assures her that he needs nothing of the sort.

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