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Poor Ben, he comes home, Bailey tells him she's disappointed in him, and then she seems to be spiraling into some sort of emotional trauma/PTSD/affliction yet to be explained. He wakes up in the middle of the night to find her searching Tuck's room since she insists that there's a strange smell in there. Ben can't smell a thing and urges her to come back to bed but Bailey insists that Tuck has a habit of leaving food in the room when he goes to his dad's. When Ben mentions that it is a big day tomorrow Bailey comments somewhat snidely that he's going back to his old job, couldn't he do that in his sleep? Ben refuses to take the bait and just offers to help, but she declines, pointing out that he can't find something he himself can't smell anyway.

Mere's VO this week is about tumors, and how when doctors fight them it's not just a fight against one thing, but actually a war against a billion cells. Alex finds his teenage patient Will up in the middle of the night playing video games even though he has surgery the next day. He's not nervous, it's just that there is a crying baby next door and the prints of a happy monkey and frog (more suited to a 5-year-old than 15-year-old) are kind of creeping him out. Alex continues to be as awesome with kids as he is bad with adults and talks to him about the game before taking the controller to try his own hand at a particular level.

Mere has fallen asleep at the hospital and Stephanie wakes her to tell her excitedly that "it" is starting to take shape. The two go and stare into the bright glow of the 3D printer like proud mamas.

The other residents are all gathered around Richard's bed like a team of butlers, pouring him coffee (that is sitting next to the bud vase on his table) and listening to him tell stories about interesting cases he's had throughout his life. Steph runs in but Richard shushes her so that he can keep talking and as part of his story he explains the "two challenge rule": in aviation, if the co-pilot disagreed with the pilot as to how they were flying, and said something and the pilot ignored him, someone else could say something as well and if the pilot doesn't acknowledge them either, then he has to give up control. I think of this more as "common sense" and "the way the world usually works" rather than a rule, but maybe you need something more formal when doing complicated things such as flying planes or performing surgery. Steph finally begins tapping her foot and when Richard lets her speak she tells everyone that "it" is 30 minutes away, and they won't want to miss it since it's life-changing. Presumably she means the great reveal of whatever she and Mere are printing even though she doesn't say so specifically. As they file out, Smash invites Richard to come with them especially since he's supposed to be up and walking. Richard makes an excuse, however, and after Smash leaves the woman next door, CJ, starts hollering at him about how he's telling the same stories over and over. They bicker, and she notes that his hospital has crappy thin walls -- this means that no one even wants to be near an on-call room, like, ever, if that's the case. Even with their fighting, it seems like Richard is already fond of her.

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