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Hellowe. Here I am again, Al Lowe, sneaking up on your recap when you least expect it.

Arizona wakes up, ready to greet the day, stretching like a happy woman in a tampon commercial until she looks down and sees that someone has spilled juice on her prosthetic leg.

Mere voiceovers about body parts that have changed as we have evolved -- our tailbone used to be a tail, that pink fold in the corner of our eye used to be a third eyelid, etc. Um, are we sure about that tail thing? Owen and April are treating a guy who was in a horrible car crash, and since you can see part of his brain and blood is spurting from it, I don't think he's doing too well.

Stephanie arrives at work but when she sees Jackson, she hides behind a cart while Mere tells us that the story of our evolution is what we leave behind. How Lauren S deals with this opening montage every week is beyond me. It's already on my nerves.

Callie sees Arizona drying her leg with a hair dryer and Arizona gripes that Sofia might have fried the processor with her juice. "I've told her not to play with my leg!" she yells. Callie points out that actually, she's never said that, and then gently adds that she just found Arizona's wheelie sneaks while unpacking and wonders what she should do with them. She's a little surprised when Arizona tells her to toss them, but Arizona assures her with a quick smile that it's fine.

Sure enough, Owen and April are getting no response from their patient and realize that they've lost him as Arizona, just arrived, sees the guy's wife/girlfriend at the desk crying and begging to see him.

Jo, Alex and Arizona (who seems to be everywhere, all at once), are with their patient, a kid who is bright orange due to a liver condition he's had since birth. They have an idea for a procedure that should hopefully mean he wouldn't need a liver transplant; it involves taking a piece of his intestine and turning it into a drain to get bile out of his abdomen. The kid is a little weirded out at the idea of having a hole in his stomach but Arizona is great with him and comes around the bed with reassurance and a good oompa loompa joke. She doesn't realize that her pant leg has caught on her prosthetic and the kid stares a moment before asking if she's a robot. His poor mother is mortified but Arizona handles it in stride, joking secretly with him that she can now jump super high, reminding us just how awesome she is with kids.

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