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The second half of the season is kicked off with an excruciatingly slow version of Total Eclipse of the Heart which only has the effect of making me go to watch this version, which is possibly one of the best things the Internet has ever given us. No, seriously, I'll wait for you to check it out. Done? Excellent, though it's going to make this hour seem awfully boring by comparison. Anyhow, we see a slow-motion shot of the barn doors opening and a giddy Jackson and April running out, hand in hand, her veil flying. The two get into his car and we see that her excited, "Oh my God!" begins to turn into a horrified, "OH MY GOD," when she starts to really think about what they've done. In real time, Jackson asks if she's sure and after a moment, she takes a breath, mauls him with kisses, and tells him to drive. Mere VO's that it's often hard to tell the difference between very good and very bad decisions when we are making them.

And after all of the drama of Mere and Cristina having their dresses altered, Mere shoves hers unceremoniously into her bag while she packs up to leave. Derek has told her about his phone call from Mr. President, and she's livid that he's now going to continue his research, which means that he's also not going to be able to give her all of the time in the world to work on her own. And while Derek has a valid point, which is that you can't really say no to the leader of the free world, Mere isn't really in the mood to hear it. Cristina comes in and reports that April's sisters have wept their way through every tissue in the building; she loves this drama even more than that at the bridal shower and she's a full-on fan of crazy April now. Mere storms out, and Cristina is relieved when Derek reports that this time she's mad at him and not her hopefully soon-to-be-again bestie. She's also in awe to hear that the President actually called Derek personally.

Back at the hospital, Alex is hollering at Owen that he wants Smash fired and/or arrested while Jo, Leah and Richard look on. James is still alive and stable, but barely. Owen asks Richard what the hell happened, and after Richard reports that Smash was hallucinating that James was Heather, Leah realizes this is probably related that time Smash showed her how to fudge one's hours so that they could work without that pesky, mandatory sleep. Owen literally smacks his palm to his head over the ridiculous mess that is unfolding while Leah runs to try and find her exhausted friend. Owen assures Alex that Cristina is on her way but Alex says he doesn't want her touching James since she's the one who turned Smash into a monster in the first place. When Owen tells him to wait until they have all the facts, Alex hollers back that Cristina is screwing Smash, and Owen looks rather like Alex just punched him in the face.

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