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Printing Pressure
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First of all, big thanks to Al Lowe for filling in for me last week while I was out -- it turned out to be an extra good thing when my cable went out on Thursday night and ultimately my DVR only caught 15 minutes of this episode. Yay technology! We open on a Bailey-finger-pulling montage and see her trying to grab her purse to leave for work, but she stops to pull everything out, organize it, and put it back in again. Ben notices, worried, while Mere tells us that doctors actually sometimes don't know what is some little glitch and what is a full-fledged medical disaster. Ben seems to realize that what's going on is a full-fledged disaster.

Arizona may be back at home, but it seems she is still sleeping on the sofa. There's a nice invitation -- please come back, but please sleep like a second-tier houseguest. Mere tells us that docs learn that they don't know everything at the beginning of their careers, and then spend the rest of said careers lying about it. This makes me super confident about my next trip to the doc.

The McDreamys are getting ready for work and Lil' B is looking McCute in a little hat with tiny bear ears. Derek tells Mere that he had an epiphany about his research based on the pattern he saw in the sink when he spit out his toothpaste. Mere isn't entirely thrilled to learn that Derek has brilliant ideas even when he's expectorating.

Emma is spending her day off hanging out in a conference room at her boyfriend's workplace, like you do, working on a grant proposal. Of course she also brought muffins, and she and Owen flirt sweetly before she gets to work. I so wish I found her more interesting but she still is just "NotCristina" to me.

Callie and April have been gazing at them from the hallway when RealCristina walks up and welcomes Callie back. And that is all of any mention there will ever be of the massive lawsuit of last week, folks. Cristina is surprised to see Emma there and Callie and April try to commiserate with her, talking about how pathetic it is to spend her day off this way. Once Cristina leaves, though, the girls both admit they find it adorable.

Princess finds Mere to tell her that Richard wants to take another stress test, and we learn that he failed one spectacularly just the week before. Stephanie then runs up and Mere doesn't hide her disgust that Stephanie is on her service again. It was clearly way too good to last, Mere being the coolest and most level-headed doctor of the bunch. Those britches of hers are now getting awfully tight. Mere gives Stephanie some instructions about what they need to do before they print a vein, but Stephanie needs her to come see a patient named Donna whose scans showed something bad.

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