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Three Ring Circus
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This week, Grey's Anatomy is celebrating an impressive milestone. With this episode, one Ms. Lauren S will have written 146 recaps of the show. And so in honor of that, they are throwing a party…what's that? You think this big, flashy hour is celebrating Grey's 200th episode? That's more of a milestone, you say? Oh fine, whatever. Mere and Derek get all dolled up while Mere reminds us that surgery expensive and sometimes you've got to go raise some more dough. She then starts to quote The Muppet Show to remind us that her mind these days is filled with kid stuff, and it's starting to make her a bit crazy. They get ready to leave but first she has to help Zola get her shoes on since Zola won't do it for Derek.

Avery and Owen arrive at the party venue and Owen frets over the spotlights and red carpet, since the whole point is that they don't have money to spend so they are trying to get more. Avery assures Owen that he knows this world and that they need to charm serious people with serious money so this night will be sophisticated and conservative. When they walk in, however, they are both stunned to see a full, over-the-top, glamorous circus theme. Jackson immediately goes and grabs the party planner, who is in a yellow dress that looks like Tweety Bird decided to create his own interpretation of Michelle William's famous Oscar dress, to demand to know what she did. This is as if any organization (especially the Harper Avery Foundation, where Jackson presumably learned so much about this world) would ever throw a seriously high-level gala such as this and then leave it all to the party planner without seeing a single design plan or budget and then would only get to the venue as it was starting, with guests already in attendance. I guarantee that, like suggesting dating other people, this is not something that happens anywhere other than the teevee. Tweety, for her part, isn't troubled by his reaction at all and just says that hospitals make people think of death and disease, whereas this party should be sexy and fun and make them open their wallets. Jackson seems like he still doubts her a little bit.

Mere has stopped in at the hospital to check on Richard, and Bailey sounds desperate as she explains that he's basically wasting away and yet he refuses to do anything to help himself. Mere suggests that maybe they let him waste for a while, and Bailey gets all mad at her, assuming she's offended about what he said last week. The thing is, Mere heard every awful thing in the world from her mother, so she's pretty much offense-proof at this point but she suggests that Richard might need to hit rock bottom before coming back. She then leaves to go raise some funds; Bailey seems to think that Mere's ideas are all ridiculous and instead she orders some new treatment for Richard. I'm not sure what it is, but the nurse points out that Richard is going to hate it, about which Bailey gives exactly zero shits.

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