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Mercy Me
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One week after the storm/electrocutions/birth, Callie is still staying at the McMansion and the adults have been turned into exhausted, empty husks from sleep deprivation. Mere can't actually pick the baby up because of her surgery so when he cries, Callie goes to get him. Of course, his cries wake the little girls up before he can do that and we hear the kind of auditory chaos that has surrounded these three for a week. Mere VOs about a sadistic game that kids play where they try to snap each other's fingers off until one cries mercy. When I was a kid there were a lot of chicken-related pastimes, but fortunately none of them involved possibly breaking bones.

Arizona is getting ready for work in her quiet apartment and is deciding between a blue and (amazing) red dress. Bailey is already at the hospital, and as she peeks into Richard's room she looks fairly dejected at how awful he looks even while he's sleeping.

The interns are all sleeping at Alex's house in a giant tangle of blankets, limbs, pizza, flashcards, and certainly BO. Cristina is standing in the doorway regarding the mess of them, eating cereal out of the box, and then finally rolls her eyes and goes up to Alex's room.

He's asleep, but she wakes him up and shoves him over, explaining that she couldn't sleep and she's bored. I imagine that also, she's restless and heartbroken and trying to keep herself from calling Owen, but doesn't want to admit to that part. Alex wakes up enough to try and shoo her out, but she stays put and in the ensuing teasing about if she's looking for sex (and Alex actually using the world "girlfriend" to describe princess) Cristina comes to realize that something weird is going on between the new couple with regards to getting it on. After much guessing about how it must have been awful, she realizes that they haven't actually done it yet. She is positively delighted at the juicy news, since it takes her mind off of her own situation.

Callie is pulling her stuff together and has agreed to take both the girls to daycare since she claims they are the only people who don't piss her off right now. I assume Mere and Derek are exempt from that as well since they are putting her up indefinitely. They are super grateful for the extra help, though, so it's mutually beneficial. Callie manages to rant about Arizona repeatedly so it's clear that she's just as hurt and uninterested as yet in forgiving her. Once she goes, Derek asks how they will cope once she fixes her marriage and leaves, but Mere points out that she thinks that's probably not happening anytime soon. Bailey's voice then comes from Mere's phone -- Mere called her to get an update on Richard. Bailey carefully admits he's not the easiest patient but tries to convince Mere that his weight loss and difficulties are totally normal and nothing to worry about. Mere doesn't seem convinced but Bailey assures her that she's taking care of him, and Mere should not come over nor call again since she has a sweet baby to cuddle instead.

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