Smoke Alarm

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Like a Book With a Paige Torn Out
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Previously on Graceland: Briggs is Odin Rossi, and he's supplying Bello with heroin. Charlie's starting to get suspicious and has roped Johnny and Mike in to help her investigate. But despite their best tactics to trap him, Briggs got away with only a little beating from Mike, although now Mike has a good idea of how "Odin" is built and that he knows how to fight.

Mike runs on the beach, like he's being chased. Briggs is still in bed with his sore ribs (and Daniel Sunjata's six-pack, so thanks for that, USA). He slaps an ice pack on them and winces.

Johnny gets out of the shower to find Charlie in the bathroom brushing her teeth. He yells at her about the rules, and what kind of six-bedroom house only has the one bathroom? After they've settled the question of whether Charlie is impressed with Johnny's wangdangdoodle, the subject turns to Briggs. Charlie's still suspicious.

Paige comes out of the water with her surfboard and commiserates with Mike about his Abby-induced broken heart. Or more accurately, his lying-to-Abby-induced broken heart. Paige reassures him that she's the only one who knows he broke the big Graceland rule, and that she'll keep his secret.

Johnny and Charlie, in the kitchen, talk about the search of Briggs's CI's place while he makes breakfast. They didn't find anything (because Bello now has Briggs's whole stash of heroin). Mike and Paige saunter in, shutting down the conversation. Briggs joins them and they gibe Johnny for his cooking, which includes baloney, pickles, mustard, eggs and beans. He calls it ghetto scramble, and everyone else gags delicately. Briggs asks Mike if Bello's heard anything from the cartel since that message he sent last week. Mike says he has not. They anticipate the Key Man, Jangles, showing up right quick.

Charlie wants to hit Odin, as he's the one holding the whole deal together. Briggs reminds her they don't know what Odin looks like or sounds like or where he is, and tells Charlie he doesn't want to waste energy chasing a ghost. Charlie acquiesces, but she's not happy. Briggs gets a call and he and Mike head out.

Crime scene. Mike and Briggs watch the cops work it: Jangles killed one of Bello's dealers and hung his bloody sneakers over a power line. His feet are still in them.

Beach. Briggs calls a motel and says he and his lady friend want to make a discreet entrance tonight, so he asks to have the keys to his room left in a ceramic planter. The guy agrees after Briggs offers a $100 tip. Motel, nighttime. Briggs retrieves the keys and goes into his room. He hang ups the smoke detector with a camera in it, the feed going to his smart phone. Back at Graceland, Briggs pours himself some tea and watches the feed on his laptop. He watches for a long time, and no one enters the room.

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