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Secret's in the Sauce
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Previously on Graceland: Mike learned how to pick up ladies while lying to them (isn't that something dudes learn at age, like, fourteen?) and wooed Briggs by helping him get into bad guy Bello's gang. Alas, that acceptance came at the expense of Bello's henchman Eddie, who's probably pretty steamed.

Paige arrives somewhere in a Mercedes and asks a guy if she can buy an ounce of pot. He quotes her a price, and she's all, pleasure doing business with you! After he hands over the drugs, black-and-whites swoop in to arrest the guy, who tries to run.

As we watch the arrest -- which has to sweep Paige up as well, of course, since she's undercover -- Charlie voiceovers the story of her great-grandmother's great-grandmother's great-grandmother, who she says ran the kitchen for the Inquisition -- but in Italy, apparently? There are luxury shoemakers involved and men hiding in closets. Charlie lasciviously slices some tomatoes while relating the story, which Jakes and Johnny have heard before, as they interrupt to say Charlie's changing details, but she's all, big knife! My story! and moves on to some garlic and herbs and finishes with how this is Great-Nonna Francesca's ragu, which takes three days to make and it is apparently an occasion of great importance when Charlie makes it for the house. Mike offers to help but she smacks his hand with a spoon for lacking properly Mediterranean lineage.

Police station. After the guy Paige bought her drugs from is led past, she lets herself out of her handcuffs and talks to a cop about why someone would be so stupid as to sell pot illegally when it's available on the up-and-up in California. (For the same reason that teenagers have fake IDs, it seems.) Paige looks at the pot, which is fancy, and says it was way underpriced. Which makes her suspicious.

Back in the kitchen, Mike gets a text from Abby from last week and grins hornily at it, which makes Johnny snatch the phone out of his hand so he and Charlie can stick their nose into Mike's business. Briggs shows up and pulls Mike away for a tête-à-tête in the phone room to listen to a call from Eddie. Eddie wants to see Briggs and Mike "the Marine," which just delights the boys because they genuinely seem to enjoy the company of heroin dealers.

Morning. Paige is trying to figure out where the pot came from on her own, since the DEA won't approve DNA testing. (And I understand why it's not a high priority, since pot is legal.) She pulls Jakes in, and they commiserate about how the legalization in California suddenly meant that a lot of what the DEA worked on just poofed to nowhere -- except that it seems a farm in San Luis Obispo that they're familiar with looks like it's growing more than its legal limit and selling the extra on the street. The owner is a woman named Ashika Pearl, and Jakes is horrified to see her jacket, as the lady had the hots for him and the feeling was not mutual. Paige wants an introduction, but Jakes's connection to Pearl was Mexican mafia, which is not a look Paige can pull off. Their next idea: Johnny.

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