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Sara Brady: D | 64 USERS: B+
Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

Washington. Mike, his hair now nation's-capitally short, daydreams about riding with Briggs and about the dog that stole his flip-flop while the agents around him discuss a beach-side op. Another agent asks for Mike's opinion and he offers some constructive criticism without missing a beat, because Mike is just creepy good like that.

Marina del Rey, pawn shop. A couple of boys look at the junk that's on offer and stumble across an elaborately old-fashioned recording device.

Mike's phone rings. It's Briggs. Mike asks after the house, and Briggs says they miss him.

One kid presses play. Juan: "You're looking for me, right?" Briggs: "This place…burned because of us." The boys listen to Briggs and Juan's fatal confrontation. One pops the tape out and takes it with him.

Briggs asks Mike how he feels about taking a vacation, and then continues: "Listen, Mike. I haven't told anyone else about this…"

…And that's it till next summer. Did the magic last for any of you guys?

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