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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador

Briggs, sequestered in his new fugitive war room, has a map and a Post-It with Charlie's name on it. He calls up a contact with the Mexican police and asks about any federales working in his district: there's a Mendez in Long Beach, a Munoz, Cortes, and two others. He looks up the agents in a database and finds that Rafael Cortes's photo, when he just looks at the eyes, bears a disturbing resemblance to his memories of Jangles.

Briggs shows up at Daniel's soccer game. Jakes, who's there to watch creepily from afar, yells at Briggs for getting him suspended and possibly brought up on charges. Briggs tells Jakes about his suspicions re: Charlie and the federale, and Jakes replies that he can't really intercede with Charlie on Briggs's behalf, on account of how she thinks he's Odin Rossi. And maybe this would be a good time for Briggs to confess that, since Jakes already thinks he's a murderer?

Jakes asks point-blank if Briggs is Odin Rossi. Briggs deflects and says he just wants to help Charlie, but Jakes has really lost his patience with this. (As have we all, Dale.) Briggs gives Jakes a phone number and asks him to keep an eye on Charlie. Jakes is all, "I HATE YOU I JUST WANT TO WATCH MY KID WHO DOESN'T KNOW I EXIST PLAY SOCCER AND THEN GO TO BORA BORA WITH MY PARROTS".

Charlie meets with Cortes, who says he has to go back to Mexico tomorrow. She's disappointed, and says in a flirty manner that she's just starting to like him. She asks if he's ever had an agent turn to the bad side, and Cortes tells her no, never any corrupt cops in Mexico! He brings up Briggs and says he's heard how respected he is. He asks if she and Briggs were lovers, and Charlie confirms it. They drink a toast to Briggs. "[You] took a chunk of my heart with you, you son of a bitch," Charlie says.

Beach. Mike finds Jakes, who's staring at the ocean having a beer. Mike says he knows Briggs is still around and then tells a rambling story about how he was suspected of a theft in high school. Rather than running away when his grandfather tipped him off, he went to the home of a friend who lived close enough to Mike's parents' house that Mike could watch the police looking for him, all to prove the point that Mike is a control freak just like Briggs. Jakes snaps that he's not helping Briggs, and he doesn't want to be part of Mike's rat show. He excuses himself, but after he leaves, Mike finds a piece of paper on the rock where Jakes was sitting—it's the number Briggs gave him for his burner phone.

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