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Let's Go Someplace Like Ecuador
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Previously on Graceland: Once upon a time, a bunch of improbably pretty federal agents lived in a house together. One of them is a junkie. One is a rat. A few of them don't own shirts. And one of them just wants to go to Bora Bora with his parrots.

We pick up with Briggs taking his last looks at Graceland. He stares meaningfully at the hole he punched in the drywall and walks out the door. His phone rings; it's Mike, but he doesn't answer.

Paige and Mike -- who just didn't find the recording in the Crown Vic -- argue about whether Mike should alert their superiors that Briggs might be running. Paige still wants to think Briggs is innocent and misunderstood, but Mike calls in a BOLO.

At the house, Briggs greets Johnny in the living room. Before he can make his escape, Johnny gets a text: it's a "detain on sight" order. Briggs lies that it's part of his cover with Clayton's gang, the Mongrels, and he and Johnny joke around about the possibility of Johnny tackling him. They agree to play ball tomorrow and Briggs moves to go, but then Johnny gets a wee tickling of conscience and makes a tiny motion toward his gun. Briggs shames him into believing that he's telling the truth, and then leaves.

Out front, Briggs gets into Jakes's truck and they go. At the Port of Los Angeles, he thanks Jakes for his help and apologizes for maybe getting him in trouble. Jakes agrees to keep an eye on the other housemates and Briggs hops out to go become a gentleman hobo, traveling from steamship to steamship, merrily shoveling coal to pay his way to Australia.

At the house, Mike and Paige regard the hole in the wall while Mike dresses Johnny down for not detaining Briggs. Jakes arrives home and says all he did was give a friend a lift. Paige points out could get him three years in jail as an accessory. Such a buddy, that Briggs! Mike tells him they didn't find the recording, which makes Briggs look even guiltier, and Johnny expositions about Charlie's partnership with Cortes. It doesn't particularly alarm anyone to hear that Charlie's working with a federale.

Briggs: not on a boat. He's at a bar with Quinn, who's all hoarse and bruised. Briggs doesn't appear to be undercover as "Eric" anymore, so it looks like Quinn is a CI? Or an undercover agent? This is never resolved. He tells Briggs he thinks Jangles is after him. Briggs plays dumb about the whole Jangles matter. Turns out what Quinn really wanted was a new identity, and Briggs hands over the documents he took from the wall at the house: passport, driver's license, credit cards, a burner phone that can work in South America. Quinn's new name is Tony Busca and Briggs found him a spot on a ship headed to Ecuador. Quinn hands over a pile of money, and why do I think this is how Briggs will lead the feds off his trail?

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