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Rainy Day Woman

At Graceland, Mike fills Briggs in on his big day. He tells him about Big Foot and Briggs cackles with glee, then explains that's what Bello's men call their method of avoiding the Predator drones that monitor the borders. They bring their drugs into the country by submarine, he says. Mike laughs, because that's just ridiculous. Briggs seems a trifle put out by Mike's success, maybe.

Kitchen. Johnny asks Briggs and Charlie how they slept, and she sex-voices that they left the wire on to invite him to join. Johnny's a little freaked out, a little turned on when Briggs tells him not to be so shy next time and slaps him on the ass. They keep playing with him until Charlie can't maintain any longer and everyone cracks up. He fills them in on why Quinn bailed, and Briggs says their only option now is to use Whistler.

So Charlie goes back to the shabby motel. She's angry with Whistler and with the situation when she tells him she saw him at Quinn's place, and that he's going to help get them in.

Mike and Abby take yet another walk on the beach, with the dog. The dog runs off just as Abby is baby-voicing that she wants to take him home and love him forever. Back at the house, Mike tells Paige and Johnny that they were wrong about Abby wanting to adopt the dog (the dog is a metaphor. Mike is the dog).

Quinn's. Whistler calls Charlie from the bathroom and tells her that as soon as she shows up, Quinn will call Odin Rossi in. He babbles happily about the money and his euphoria seems to be different from the usual, because he loses consciousness while still on the line with Charlie.

Quinn greets Charlie and Briggs at the door. Inside, they ask to meet Odin, and Quinn puts his gun on the table when he asks why they're in such a rush. Charlie asks after Whistler, and Quinn says he had a rough trip and disappeared to the bathroom. She goes to check and breaks the door in, finding him on the floor, overdosed. Charlie cries and stares recriminatingly at herself in the mirror.

When she comes out, she tells Briggs that Whistler's dead. He repeatedly calls her by her real name, despite the fact that everyone there knows her as Katie. But Quinn doesn't hear and comes back to the table, telling them there's been a change of plans. He opens a box of works for shooting up and hands Briggs the needle, telling him he wants to see him shoot up, this time with Quinn's own equipment (not the government-issue stuff they use to fake it). Listening in, Johnny tells the others to get ready to go. Briggs refuses to do it and is about to walk out when Charlie wraps a tourniquet around her bicep, then shoots herself up.

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