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Rainy Day Woman

Hotel. Briggs and Charlie are cozy on the couch, each with a minibottle, reminiscing about That Time They Had All the Sex. He asks why she was attracted to him, and she says his reputation preceded him -- she wanted to sleep with Paul Briggs, the Myth. Paul Briggs the actual person isn't insulted. Johnny is listening and chuckling, but then alerts them when Quinn arrives. Quinn asks where the regular valet is, and then bails because, as he tells Johnny, he always knows the guy who parks his car. "Paranoid son of a bitch," Johnny mutters after the man leaves.

Mike and Bello watch The Gunfighter and Mike makes the sell, asking Bello to let him be his bodyguard. Bello hesitates, but ultimately agrees.

Briggs and Charlie are still camped out in their hotel room with no scary drug dealers showing up any time soon. He suggests ordering room service, courtesy of the American taxpayer, and they pick up their conversation again, with her asking why he slept with her. He goes the easy way, telling her how beautiful she is (presumably she didn't have those awful junkie bags painted on under her eyes at the time), then adding that she's also smart and funny. Johnny starts to panic. The last thing he hears is Charlie telling Briggs, "Shut up and turn off your watch."

And then they go at it, knocking lamps and ice buckets off tables, tearing each other's clothes off. I hope the American taxpayer also chipped in for some Trojans. They stop kissing and start laughing, then Briggs picks up his belt and shirt and says it's a shame they just cheated Paige out of the win. Charlie's all, not really.

Johnny, pissed off, paces around his valet podium while listening to some hot and heavy breathing coming through his comm unit. But it's just a movie Briggs and Charlie are watching, to mess with him. Wouldn't any FBI agent worth his salt wonder why they turned the comms back on to have sex, knowing he could hear them?

At Bello's place, Bello asks how Mike will be his bodyguard if he's assigned to a mission (since his cover is that he's a marine). Mike gives the story he and Briggs agreed on earlier: he's no longer on active duty. Bello gets a call and goes outside to take it, which gives Mike the opportunity to check out the home office. He finds a desk calendar, with "Big Foot" written on a Friday and circled. Yes, I always include my major heroin deals in my DayTimer. Bello comes back in and asks Mike what he missed. "The gunfighter's taking what he wants," Mike smugs.

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