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Rainy Day Woman

Target practice time for Bello's men. Mike is a hell of a teacher, because now the lost boys can shoot. He gives one of them a few pointers, then goes over to talk to Bello, who is lounging sinisterly against his car. Mike tells Bello the men need two or three more months of training, which dismays the bad man as he'd like his murderous shock troops ready faster.

At the house, Mike is watching a Western (1953's City of Bad Men) when Paul gets home. Mike asks Briggs how he can get more involved in Bello's organization so he can be around when the drug deals are happening. Briggs suggests that Mike become Bello's new bodyguard, which will require basically becoming the guy's best friend. Mike has a theory on how to do that: Bello likes Westerns, he deduced when Bello quoted a line from this particular movie he's watching right now. Briggs refers to it as a "rawhide fetish," and I can't believe there isn't a gay porn parody of this show yet. (Well, there might be. The Sharknado has prevented me from keeping up with all the latest in gay porn lately.)

Johnny, decked out as a valet, briefs Briggs and Charlie on the setup of their next meet with Quinn, and then starts grilling them on if they're going to bang. He tells them about the bet and Charlie snaps at him to stay out of her business. Briggs is more amused by the potential inherent in the bet.

Mike runs down Bello's men, telling him which ones are best qualified to move up. There's only one, he says; the others are too shortsighted. And then Mike quotes the same movie that Bello quoted the other day and they bond over their affection for macho cowboys. They go for a ride.

Motel. Charlie gets a text and tells Briggs that Quinn is running late. He starts raiding the minibar. She's not wearing pants. I think Johnny is going to lose the bet.

Bello has brought Mike to a big-box store to look at other Westerns. He expounds on how cowboys are the American equivalent of samurai and Vikings, and how as a young boy in Nigeria he watched Westerns and fell in love with the idea of a man who fights for himself rather than as a vassal or for money. Bello hails a store clerk (a white guy, incidentally) by calling him "boy" and asks him to put the movie he's holding up (The Gunfighter) on a display TV so they can see how it looks. The clerk bristles and refuses, calling Bello a thug. Before Bello can straight up kill the guy, Mike rather gently knocks him down and puts his foot on his chest, making the man apologize.

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