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Rainy Day Woman

Back at Graceland, Briggs and Charlie fret about what Whistler knows and what he might tell Quinn. She doesn't want to start using him in an official way again since she feels guilty about feeding his habit. He rubs her shoulders as he tells her to do what she thinks is right. From the living room, Johnny and Paige are watching The Briggs & Charlie Show like it's the best thing they've seen in months, speculating if their roommates are going to start knocking boots again. Paige thinks yes, Johnny says no. They put money on it (a week's bar tab) and give Briggs and Charlie seven days to seal the deal (or not).

Abby and a friend come into the beachside bar where the Graceland gang goes all the time. Johnny and Mike are having lunch at the bar. Mike tells Johnny about his abortive second date with Abby the night of Eddie's suicide; he thinks his shell-shocked freakout that night turned her off, but from the way she's looking at him across the bar, Blond Marius Can Get It. Johnny goes off to charm the ladies while Mike orders a pitcher.

While Johnny is wingmanning Abby's friend Marsha, Mike apologizes, but Abby's more interested in knowing about Mike's super impressive job: he's a pilot. Mike's all, pa-scuse me? Remember, that's Johnny's cover story. Mike steps into the lie easily.

Crappy motel. Charlie is waiting in the parking lot when Whistler stumbles out of a room. She buys him a soda and they wander through a market. When Charlie asks what he's been up to, he promises that he's clean and hanging out with clean people. But he has cigarette burn marks all over his arms and back, as we see when Charlie buys him a warmer shirt and he tries it on. She gently tells him she's not here to start using him as a CI again. Charlie checks in with Briggs and says Whistler didn't make her.

Mike and Abby -- walking on the beach -- come across the rando beach dog who stole Mike's flip-flop in the pilot. Abby's charmed and wants to take the dog for a bath and grooming and his shots. Back at the house, Johnny says she's treating the dog like it's her and Mike's baby, and he needs to be careful. Paige concurs and tells Mike to go ahead and nail Abby, but not to let her get attached.

Mike meets with Juan again; Juan gives him a report. It's an analysis of many of Briggs's drug busts -- apparently he frequently turns in a smaller amount of drugs to the FBI than he was supposed to, and it's always heroin. They don't know if he's selling the excess or (less likely) using it, but they want to know what's going on. Mike points out that Bello's business is mostly heroin, and busting him would put Briggs in a position to recover -- and this is a technical term -- a fuckload of drugs. Or steal it, Juan says.

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