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Rainy Day Woman
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Previously on Graceland: I have almost forgotten who all of these people are. Blond Marius is the pale one. Briggs is the one with the biceps and the bad attitude. There are also some meth addicts and Charlie and Paige and Jakes, the cranky guy with the dreads. Bello is the bad guy.

Morning at Graceland. Johnny lets himself into Mike's room and starts jumping on the bed to wake him. I would cheerfully murder anyone who did that. Talk of Paige's new bikini gets Mike awake and out on the beach to audition for an Abercrombie catalog with Johnny, Paige and a grateful football. It's so all-American I just choked on my apple pie.

When Mike comes back into the house, he catches Charlie and Briggs shooting up -- but not really. They're just practicing so it will look convincing when they have to shoot up in front of the bad guys and not get themselves just about murdered the way Donnie did. The boys don't think Charlie makes a porny enough O-face when she fake-shoots up. (Because drugs = sex… didn't you read the Cliffs Notes about this week's dramatic themes?!) They'll be using covers named Katie and Eric -- which violates the usual policy of going by their real first names, always, but these cover identities predate that rule -- in today's op. They invite Mike to join, but he has to go meet with Juan, his handler at the bureau.

Juan empathizes with Mike about witnessing Eddie's up-close-and-personal death in the last episode, but Mike doesn't want his hand held, he wants to know why he's investigating Briggs. Juan can tell Mike is starting to fall under Briggs's spell and tries to bring him back around to the side of the heroes. Mike puts his foot down and wants to know why.

Grubby junk house. Briggs and Charlie are trying to get Quinn, a guy in a red tracksuit, to lead them to a distributor named Odin Rossi. Johnny and Paige listen in across the street. Briggs offers Quinn a $50,000 finder's fee for leading them to Rossi, then Charlie ups it to $75K and just about offers to sleep with him. Quinn asks if Briggs minds, which tips Paige to the new-to-her info that Charlie and Briggs apparently banged at some point. And then Charlie's former informant, Whistler, walks into the house. She moves so he won't see her face. Quinn goes over to talk to Whistler and Charlie and Briggs start to panic, then she climbs on top of him and they start making out. As soon as Whistler and Quinn leave the room, Charlie and Briggs bail with unjunkielike speed.

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