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I Don't Know What I Know
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Previously on Graceland: Okay, so it turns out that Charlie's new Mexican cop pal, Cortez, is the Jangles who stabbed Mike. Thanks for the tip, commenters. In my defense, that scene was really dark. In other news, Juan is certifiably crazy and Mike is freaked out. And Jakes has a son who doesn't know him.

Flashback to 18 months ago. Bar. Jakes, Johnny, Donnie, and Briggs are throwing darts and drinking until the lambs stop screaming. They talk about Klein, a DEA pal of Donnie's, who killed a meth dealer while high on painkillers and is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, even though the agents all agree it was self-defense and he should go free. (And here's another place where this show is the highest of fantasy, because in real life, the FBI has found its agents completely faultless in all of their shootings since 1993! So really, Klein has nothing to worry about.) Johnny, who's clearly the new guy in the house, asks if he should be drinking. Jakes and Donnie laugh, but Briggs reminds him to know his limits.

Present day, on the beach, where Briggs has just shot and killed Juangles. Briggs goes to his truck and brings back hiding-the-body supplies. You know, the things every federal agent has in his trunk at all times. He pulls down Juan's bandanna and doesn't recognize him, obviously. He rolls Juan up in a tarp, finds the shell casing in the sand, and drags the body to the truck. Briggs drives away (remember how Briggs is completely wasted while all this is happening? Yeah) and we see the recording device in Juan's car, still capturing everything.

FBI building. A couple of lawyers list all the charges Bello is facing while Charlie watches on the other side of a two-way mirror. Bello asks what the feds are offering him to give them Odin Rossi. They offer witness protection for his family and special treatment in prison if he's convicted. Bello wants immunity, but the lawyer reminds him that he's a murderous drug kingpin.

Charlie throws the deal makers out of the room and starts threatening Bello with going to jail, surrounded by Mexican inmates the Caza cartel can hire to kill him. Bello knows that his silence is valuable, because the government will want him to stay alive in case he ever changes his mind and wants to testify. Charlie threatens him with rape again, some more, and Jesus Christ, am I tired of prison-rape tropes. TV, you must come up with a new prison-is-bad marker. Like how Jax Teller got his beautiful torso ventilated in the joint. That was pretty bad, huh?

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