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That Worthless Fellow Lauren
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Previously on Graceland: Graceland roommate Donnie got shot and then bounced out of the house, which made his partner Lauren super sad. New roommate Mike is working with Juan on his investigation of Briggs, which it seems Briggs has found out about, since last week's episode ended with him pointing a gun at Mike's head.

And we pick up right there, with Briggs and Mike at a creepy, dark, dock-slash-warehouse place. Briggs cocks his gun, points it at the back of Mike's head, and asks who Mike has been talking to. Mike protests that he's not talking to anyone, and man, does Briggs have some crazy eyes going on. He takes Mike's gun from him. Just then, the lights switch on. A gentleman in a suit, surrounded by armed henchmen, tells Briggs to put the guns down, which he does. Since the guy mentions Eddie, oh, and there's Eddie behind him, it seems that this is Briggs's elusive mark, Bello.

Bello wants to know why Briggs was aiming the gun at Mike, and Briggs covers--or doesn't, maybe he's totally selling Mike out--by reminding us of Bobby Moi stealing the bullets from Eddie and saying that the only new face around here is Mike. Mike gives Bello the cover story they established last week, telling Bello to call his quartermaster and ask where he was. They all laugh at this, the idea of just calling up the U.S. Marine Corps. Briggs suggests that Mike followed Eddie after he bought the bullets and sold him out to Bobby Moi (the Korean gangster Paige was working).

Mike asks how he might possibly follow Eddie, and Bello cuts in to ask if Eddie did the heat run, that is, took evasive measures to lose a tail. Eddie insists that he did, but as we learned last week, Eddie always does the same heat run. Bello has a henchman light a stove with a blowtorch and then puts on a heatproof glove. He apologizes to Mike and Briggs for drawing them into this internal matters, then gives them back their guns, but not before unloading them. Mike and Briggs leave Eddie to his stove-related, most likely unpleasant fate.

In the car driving back to Graceland, Briggs is thrilled with Mike's performance, which included him dropping the name of his high school football coach as the quartermaster. Mike wants to throw up some of his nerves, but Briggs tells him instead to stand up in the moving (topless) car and scream. He does and they keep congratulating each other in a manly fashion. Credits.

Graceland. Charlie brings the whole gang shots. Briggs is off in another part of the house; he greets Lauren when she comes in and they discuss Donnie's transfer to Miami. She's supposed to be extracting herself from the Russian mafia and clearly isn't able to have the emotional distance from her case that would be best for keeping her (and Donnie) alive. She relates to Briggs a poker game she sat in on this evening with Russian bad guy Kusmanov, in which he told a pal that he has a plan to kill Donnie, the agent who burned him. Briggs is all, FINE, let me hear your dumbass plan.

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