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Run Silent Run Deep
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Previously on Graceland: Mike trained Bello's men and became the drug lord's new bodyguard. He also discovered the cartel that supplies Bello with the heroin he distributes would be smuggling the next shipment into the country via submarine. Charlie's former CI, Whistler, OD'd, and the mark she and Briggs were working, Quinn, got suspicious that they were cops, so she shot up a whole bunch of China white (that's a drug word, right? This show has only taught me synonyms for pot) for real.

Charlie's trip. She's blurrily reliving finding Whistler's dead body while tossing and turning in her bed, sweatily. Yeah, that looks familiar to anyone here in a-hundred-and-ball-sweat-degrees New York. Charlie wakes up when someone comes into the bedroom where she is; she flings a lamp at the door, narrowly missing taking Briggs's pretty head off. She apologizes and he hands over a sack of hangover alleviators.

He recounts their bad night: she shot up, he hauled her out and they didn't get the contact with Odin Rossi because Briggs had to bail with an insensible Charlie. And now he's stashed her in one of the apartments he keeps for CIs. She's adding self-recrimination on top of her hangover, but Briggs tells her to focus on getting better, which will take a few days. (We know. We've seen Trainspotting. The bathroom in this place looks slightly nicer.) She cries that she wants to go home, but Briggs reminds her that she will totally get fired if the bureau finds out about all the illicit drug use. Charlie tearily thanks Briggs and burrows back into her nasty flop sheets.

Out on the water (all that lovely cool water!) an inflatable speedboat full of Coast Guard -- maybe? Or they could be amphibious DEA -- is chasing down a submarine. Yes. An actual submarine. They convince the driver (who can hear them, somehow) to stop and a guy comes out the top hatch with his hands up. On the shore, Johnny goes over to handle his bust, with Paige and two DEA guys trailing behind. Paige warns him that these guys they're dealing with like to leave bombs around. Johnny flirts with Paige as he brushes off her worries, referring to them as "booby traps" while staring shamelessly at her chest.

Johnny pops his head out of the submarine as other feds haul the two cartel guys away. He says he didn't find anything -- no drugs at all. He and Paige are both disappointed, despite the flashy nature of catching a secret cartel submarine.

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