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Previously on Graceland: Charlie got high, and then got high again. Johnny almost got blown up finding a torpedo full of drugs for Bello. And it turns out Briggs's big secret is that he's a junkie. Five dollars to anyone who didn't see that coming.

We pick up in the NA meeting Mike followed Briggs to. Briggs is speaking, telling the other folks about how he's a junkie liar. Mike sits down and sees the bag Briggs was carrying when he left the FBI building, the one he thinks holds half the drugs that should've been in that torpedo. At the end of his speech, Briggs greets Mike and congratulates him on the skill it took to follow him. Mike's all, yeah, I'm awesome.

At the coffee table, Briggs opens the gym bag and hands one of the other meeting attendees…a coffeemaker. Mike says he assumes the FBI doesn't know Briggs attends these meetings. He and Briggs walk down to the beach and Briggs starts expounding on how surfing gives him the closest thing to a heroin high he can get legally.

Flashback. In voiceover, Briggs explains that he was undercover with the Caza cartel several years ago. He was young and wanted to move up in the FBI, and he was in love. He refrains from telling Mike about the woman he was in love with—was it Charlie?—but mentions his training officer, Roberto, who was undercover on the Mexican side of the cartel. ("Major cojones," Briggs says, which brilliant closed-caption folks at Fios transcribe as "Major colonies.")

Briggs says the Caza family loved Roberto, treated them as one of his own. In the flashback, Briggs and Roberto talk about a dead body in the morgue; Briggs flips through a file and asks if this body is indeed Jimmy, an aspiring drug supplier to the cartel. Roberto pulls back the sheet to expose a dismembered body. It lacks fingers, so they don't know who it is. In the present Briggs tells Mike this was the third chopped-up body connected to the Caza cartel in just a few months, and they'd been attributing them all to a boogeyman everyone called "El Hombre Llave," the Key Man, also called Jangles by the FBI.

Mike says he's heard of him, and Briggs continues, saying the bureau pulled him from the case because they didn't want him getting chopped up. Roberto stayed undercover and Briggs went on vacation—in Tecate. Where one of his CIs set up a meeting with the cartel. At the meeting, Briggs tells Mike, something felt off—his CI had been killed, and he was captured.

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