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Lies and Lying Liars
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Previously on Graceland: Briggs told Mike about his heroin addict past, but it might all be a lie, because Briggs is actually the mysterious drug kingpin Odin Rossi. And now he's working with Bello.

Mike tells Briggs about how Bello made a deal with "Odin". Briggs pretends to be upset that Bello and Odin are cutting him out. They hope they can still use Mike's in with Bello to bust the drug ring.

Five a.m.: Briggs wakes up, meditates, works out, joins Johnny in the kitchen for breakfast, then drives over to the CI apartment where he stashed Charlie while she detoxed. There's a secret room full of drugs hidden behind one of the closets. After ripping off the evidence stickers -- since he swiped all this heroin from the FBI -- he packs up some bricks and takes them to a gym, stashing them in a locker. He texts Bello and tells him where to pick up the drugs.

Bello sends Mike, who texts Briggs to join him for the bust. Mike puts a bag of cash in the locker and takes the drugs with him. In the stairwell, he meets Briggs and three other agents, who search the bag with fancy CSI tools. They find a strand of hair. Briggs doesn't bat an eye. Mike brings the drugs to Bello's team of ladies in their underwear, who will break the heroin down into smaller quantities for the street. In their underwear. As drug-packing ladies always are on TV. (I see you over there, Orange Is the New Black).

At night, Briggs and Mike watch as a junkie buys some the supply they just passed along. Mike, seeing the harm their work is doing, is eager to shut Odin's operation down, but Briggs tells him to be patient. And then Mike says forensics ID'ed the hair they found in the bag—it was Briggs's. But since they also found some of Mike's hair, everyone's chalking it up to a mistake. Well, that was close. Briggs is still just cool as ice behind those aviators.

Mike's in bed with Abby. She wakes up and they make adorable small talk, but then a text from Charlie pulls him away. Abby's suspicious about why a pilot is so secretive, checking his voice mails in private, not having a Facebook page, and asks if he's seeing someone else. Mike, dressed now, gets back in the bed and cuddles her while explaining that he has a coworker with a drug problem and he's feeling guilty about reporting him. She assures him he shouldn't feel guilty or like a rat, and he kisses her and leaves.

At Graceland, Paige greets Mike and they flirt about how it's not the walk of shame, it's the got-laid parade they're both doing. He denies he's still seeing Abby, telling her he was with some rando rebound.

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