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Back in the music room, the camera pans across the various children as they apply rather complex and pricey latex prosthetics to their faces in front of a set of jury-rigged makeup mirrors until it finally lands on Finn, who's fussing with a particularly professional-looking application on his cheek. As The Plaintive Piano Of Nascent Redemption Arcs continues to plonk away in the background, Karofsky rolls on up behind him, and long story short, Karofsky proposes the gents whip up a "warm-up number" before they attempt the full halftime extravaganza. Finn, unsurprisingly enough, agrees to the plan.

Cut to The Novak, where we find Santana, Brittany and Quinn in mid-chat as they remove their practice zombie faces. In case you're wondering why they didn't take care of that back in the music room, Quinn soon makes it clear they retreated to the relative privacy of The Novak to hash out their whole competing-loyalties situation. As she puts it, "If we go to our cheerleading competition, then we miss the halftime show, and we're out of glee club." Really, Quinn? 'Cause I thought Mr. Schue made it pretty clear in the previous scene that you were free to choose one or the other. Oh, fuck it. Even if they're out of the club this week, they're certain to be back in it the next, because that's the way these things go on this goddamned show, so why am I even bothering to ask? In any event, no sooner has Quinn announced to all and sundry that this decision is tearing her apart than a toilet flushes behind them. Sue, of course, emerges from the relevant stall with a too-casual, "Couldn't help but overhear your conversation!" "What were you doing in there?" Quinn demands, instantly suspicious. "Enjoying," Sue replies, "the eavesdropping afforded me by the Swiss timepiece regularity and utter silence of my 2 PM ninja poops." Sue knows she's got the gals' collective back against the wall, and she avails herself of the opportunity this presents to hand them pre-printed resignation letters, which they are to sign and present to Mr. Schue before the end of the day. She also hands a special note from "The Human Cannon" to Brittany -- "handwritten and in crayon," no less -- in which the sad cannon attempts to convey how much it misses her. In pictographs. Hee. Quinn once again protests that the sad human cannon will very likely get Brit-Brit killed long before her precious One Tree Hill is cancelled, and questions whether "a stupid national championship" is worth it. Sue acidly reminds Quinn that the "stupid national championship" involved will, in fact, be McKinley's seventh consecutive national title, so yeah: It totally is. Oh, and by the by, didn't Quinn already live through one horrible year thanks to the loss of her Cheerios status? Does she really want to live through another? Think about it, Q.

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