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Once Sue's stalked off, Brittany retrieves her inanimate doppelganger's charred head from the ground with a look of vacant distress on her face as Quinn assures her she'll have a word with Mr. Schue about the whole thing, and the next thing we know, we've shot over to...

...The Maharishi's office, where Figgins himself chides Sue with a vehemence unusual for the man. "What the hell were you thinking?" The Maharishi howls as Will slowly shakes his badly coiffed head. "You cannot perform a stunt that dangerous," Figgins continues. "Our insurance premium is through the roof as it is!" Sue calmly counters that cheerleading is a sport, and therefore subject to the same level of danger as any other school-sponsored physical activity. Will, of course not buying it, yells at her for putting poor Brit-Brit's life at risk, and though Sue strenuously argues her position in response to Will's outrage, The Maharishi overrules her, and insists she cannot fire Brit-Brit out of the cannon without Brit-Brit's explicit consent. Sue's response? Well, given that "O Fortuna" kicks in on the soundtrack at this point, I think you can guess. As part of her howling She-Hulk rampage, Sue first destroys Figgins's reception area, then takes it all out into the hallways, where several deserving weaklings find themselves blown back against the lockers when they foolishly fail to get out of her way. Back in The Maharishi's office, Will just shakes his badly coiffed head around again and deadpans, "That's a lawsuit."

Jump to the locker room, where Will's filling Coach Beiste in on Sue's latest antics. He needn't have bothered, because as "O Fortuna" reappears on the soundtrack, Sue invades Coach Beiste's sanctum to hurl various Gatorade barrels and chunks of protective gear around. Alas, she has a more than just a little difficulty launching several medicine balls into the air, but she more than makes up for that by ferociously dismantling every free-standing shelving unit in the room until Beiste bellows, "What the hell are you doing?" "I'm sending a message," Sue replies, temporarily triumphant. "Sue Sylvester's done playing nice!" You see, she's just gotten off the phone with the Ohio cheerleading board, which agreed to reschedule Regionals for the very same night as the football championship game, thereby depriving Beiste of both her halftime show and her cheerleaders. I'd wonder when the hell they started incorporating halftime shows into high school football games, but it is so not worth the effort. In any event, Sue sweeps out of the locker room in much the same manner in which she entered it, leaving Beiste to gloom, "What the crap are we gonna do now?" Play the fucking stupid game anyway, maybe? Just a suggestion. A suggestion they're not going to take, of course, because Will's come up with Yet Another Brilliant Idea. This should suck.

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