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Get everything taken care of, then? Excellent. Once Rachel and Puck's blandly competent performance of a song I will never feel the need to listen to again is over, Azimio shouts out, "The girl with the mohawk had a really nice voice!" Puck immediately goes after Azimio with an acoustic guitar, and a generalized melee ensues with Mr. Schue and Coach Beiste caught up in the middle of it all until we hop over into this evening's first commercial break.

And oh, what a commercial break it is! If you missed it when it aired. as I nearly did, it's here, with a companion behind-the-scenes making-of video over here. You really owe it to yourself to give it a look, if only for Santana's hysterical rictus of absolutely insane mindless ecstasy at the prospect of winning a free car in the bits framing Rachel's over-elaborate (natch) fantasy sequence. And though it pains me to say this, that commercial's easily the best production number this show's given us in months.

We return to find Puck and Finn staring at the football team's trophy case in McKinley's main hall, and long story short, they agree to set aside their past differences in order to win that championship game in Ohio in February that everybody's been talking about. BORED.

Meanwhile, out on the field, Sue's assembled the Cheerios around that massive stunt cannon of hers, which she's appealingly had repainted in McKinley's school colors. She introduces the device to the ladies as her "Suclear Weapon" and has The Enforcer christen it with a bottle of champagne. As that dire cinematic flourish reappears on the soundtrack, Sue grins, "Brittany? Climb on up!" "Congratulations!" Sue continues as all of the light drains from poor Brit-Brit's face, replaced by an expression of pure dimwitted unease. "You're doing this stunt for the big competition!" "I don't wanna die yet," Brittany bleats, "least not until One Tree Hill gets cancelled." "Fine!" Sue growls, and she motions for three of her underlings to step forward with a lifelike Brit-Brit mannequin, which they load into the cannon's barrel as Sue shouts, "Put your toddler's-fist-sized mind to rest -- we'll do one final test run!" Once the mannequin's loaded, Sue tamps it down with a comically large ramrod, then steps over to the control panel. The resulting explosion, of course, blasts Brit-Brit's mannequin to bits, with the thing's limbless torso tumbling furthest downfield. Sue coolly eyes all of this until that limbless torso's executed its final flip, then asks of the assembled ladies, "Any of you take German? I may have to read the owner's manual."

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