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Love, Lima Style

And then Santana gives Lauren a tiny backhanded slap to the cheek. Oh, it's a duel. What shall it be? Pistols at fifty paces? Sabers at dawn? Lauren chooses lockers, now, as she starts slamming Santana around the hallway. Santana gets in a couple of minor shots of her own, but it's a pretty one-sided fight, and it ends with Lauren sliding Santana down the hallway, where she lands right at the feet of Coach Beiste. If this wrestling thing doesn't work out for Lauren, she might just have a future in curling. Coach Beiste, apparently too scared of Lauren to try to actually discipline her, tells Lauren to knock it off and go away, and then picks up Santana and throws her over her shoulder for a trip to the nurse. Puck is incredibly turned on and practically begs Lauren to go out with him. She tells him that if he makes a formal presentation, she'll consider it. Does she mean a presentation with charts and slides? Is Lauren Tuna some kind of PowerPoint fetishist?

The kisser is in. And the kissee is Quinn. But not before Sam arrives and insists on getting a close view. Honestly, when you see Finn's lips and Sam's lips in the same shot, it becomes apparent who should really be running a kissing booth. Anyway, Quinn and Finn kiss, and as they finish, Finn is seeing fireworks. Is he having a mailman moment? Oh, and from the way it's shot, it may be that Quinn is also seeing fireworks. But she plays it cool and asks if Sam is satisfied. As the two of them walk away (with Sam telling her of his plans to load some of the LPs into iTunes), she realizes that she left her purse behind, and she runs back to get it. And then whispers into Finn's ear that he should meet her in the auditorium tomorrow afternoon. Commercials.

The Gap. Blaine and Kurt are lurking among the racks, check out Blaine's love object, a reasonably cute long-haired blond named Jeremiah. Blaine: "If he and I got married, the Gap would give me a 50% discount." Of course, since Blaine only appears to ever wear his school uniform, I'm not sure why he'd need a discount. Which is my way of saying that he, and Kurt, and all of the Warblers are wearing their uniforms. Surreptitious they're not. Blaine attempts to chicken out (pointing out to Kurt that he and Jeremiah haven't even gone out on a date), but Kurt tells him to man up. So Blaine and the Warblers sing Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone," with the Warblers scattered all around the store. The other people in the store have a very muted reaction to these guys in ugly blazers suddenly bursting into song, and Jeremiah doesn't even appear to hear the music at first. But then he sees that Blaine is essentially following him all around the store, and he tries really hard to pretend he has no idea who this lunatic is. Although he seems to be the only person in the store (including the other employees) who's not enjoying the performance. Well, Kurt also doesn't appear to be entirely enjoying it, as he keeps making moon eyes at Blaine. As the song finishes, Blaine slides up to Jeremiah's register with a pair of socks to buy.

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