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Love, Lima Style

Kissing booth. Rachel is the next girl in line, and Finn asks her if she's sure she can handle kissing him. She tells him that she's decided that flying solo is best for her career, so it won't be hard to kiss him. She pays her dollar and closes her eyes, and he kisses her on the cheek. Which pisses her off. And leads her to tell him that she still loves him. He closes the kissing booth and pulls her aside for a chat. He can't forgive her because she cheated on him. Hmmm, kind of like he wants Quinn to cheat on Sam. [But he's willing to forgive Quinn who cheated on him. Teenagers. -- Angel] She tells him he's the only one she cares about, and then he pulls out the Christmas present he never got to give her (since they broke up), which he very conveniently happens to have stored in the kissing booth. And it's a gold star pendant. He puts it on her and tells her that she's a star and that she needs to shine, and that she doesn't need a guy to anchor her to Lima. She thanks him and walks away.

As Rachel walks down the hallway, she passes Mike Chang and Artie an open locker. They're basically congratulating themselves on being the only two Glee males in a really stable relationship. Um, not with each other. You know what I mean. Although I would understand your confusion, as Artie starts singing Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)," and it really does sound like he's addressing the opening spoken lines to Mike Chang. But he's not. Artie sings while Mike dances, and the performance moves from the hallway to the music room, where Artie is singing to Brit-Brit while Mike dances in Single-T Tina's general direction. At the end of the song, Tina tells Mike, "I'm so in love, I may just start crying." That's a clue.

Hallway. Santana approaches Puck and hands him a receipt. It's the necklace she bought herself at Jared (which, if I understand the commercials, means she's now engaged to herself?). She's submitting the receipt to Puck for reimbursement, and will allow Puck to take her to Valentine's Day dinner at Breadstix. He tells her no, and she says he's made his point: "I'm sort of a bitch. But I'm willing to change. I won't tell Lauren to look out for poachers who might mistake her for the endangered white rhino." As she finishes that line, Lauren walks up behind her. Lauren threatens to rip out Santana's weave. Santana turns around to face Lauren, and to demonstrate that she really is trying to be a better person, tells her, "Hello, Lauren. You are a beautiful person. Now getz out my way, please, aforez I endz you." (I put in the extra z's to make it seem more street. You can thank me later.) Lauren: "You don't want to push me." Santana: "Oh, but I kinda do. I'm from a part of town called Lima Heights Adjacent. You know where that is, Poppin' Fresh? It's on the wrong side of the tracks." Since Santana's father is a doctor, I assume that Lima Heights is the really rich neighborhood, and Lima Heights Adjacent is its slightly less well-off neighbor. And that the tracks are for some quaint little trolley, like the Mattapan High Speed Line that runs across the river from my apartment in Boston.

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