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Love, Lima Style

Music room, where Puck is leading the boys in the opening choral part of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." And then Puck takes the solo and sings it to Lauren Tuna. After a couple of seconds, we see Rachel, Mercedes, and Santana realize that Puck is singing to Lauren, and they all have slightly befuddled looks on their faces. Mercedes and Rachel's quizzical looks soon become looks of happiness, while Santana gives Lauren the stink-eye of all stink-eyes. As for Lauren, it's hard to tell if she's happy or embarrassed, or a little bit of both. After the song finishes, the bell rings and all the other kids leave the room (but Santana gives Puck an angry warning finger before she does). Puck approaches Lauren and tells her that this was his love song to her. Duh. Lauren: "That was the first time anyone ever sang me a love song. And it made me feel like crap." She leaves while Puck just looks confused.

Cut to the kissing booth, which looks very much like Lucy's psychiatric help booth. Complete with "the kisser is in" sign. There's a long line of girls waiting to kiss Finn. Becky's at the head of that line, and Finn takes just one of the many dollars she offers and kisses her on the cheek. Just then a timer goes off, and he changes the sign to "the kisser is out," explaining to the waiting lasses that it's time for an oral hygiene break. As they all mutter with disappointment and leave, Quinn confronts Finn and accuses him of doing all this as some way to make her feel pressured into kissing him. The long and the short of it is that Finn is an egotistical ass and Quinn claims that she won't kiss him to avoid leading him on and hurting Sam. Who, it turns out, has witnessed this discussion from a distance. End of scene, commercials.

Library. Quinn is looking through a crate of LPs when Sam approaches her, upset because her face was too close to Finn's while they were speaking earlier. She tries to convince him that he's the only guy she digs (which is why she's looking at the records to find a classic love song to sing to him), when Sam asks her why she hasn't kissed Finn at his booth. Because apparently, failing to kiss him indicates to Sam that Quinn places some kind of value on such a kiss. Man, teenagers are stupid. This stupidity all ends with Quinn telling Sam that she will kiss Finn. Which leaves Sam looking like he's not sure he thought his plan through all the way. Oh, Ladylips -- I thought teenagers were stupid, but maybe it's just you.

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