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Love, Lima Style

At Dalton Academy, Kurt is writing "Blaine + Kurt" in his notebook when Blaine approaches him and asks him to join him at an emergency meeting of the Warblers council. Cut to the meeting being called to order. By the way, "the council" appears to be the entire group of Warblers, judging by how many guys are in the room. Blaine is given the floor, and he tells the room, while looking straight at Kurt, that he's in love. People are generally happy to hear it, but one does wonder why he needs an emergency meeting of the group just to share that news. It's because he wants the group's help to serenade his beloved at an off-campus location. That request leads to lots of shocked questions and head-shaking. The gavel-banging Warbler reminds everyone, "The Warblers haven't performed in an informal setting since 1927, when the Spirit of St. Louis overshot the tarmac and plowed through seven Warblers during an impromptu rendition of 'Welcome to Ohio, Lucky Lindy.'" Good Lord, Blaine! How dare you remind them all of this tragedy? You bastard! Blaine accuses the group of becoming "privileged porcelain birds," and suggests that their lack of public performance experience is what may have cost them victory at Sectionals. I guess these guys really don't like porcelain, because everybody is pretty upset. But then Kurt speaks up and tells them that his old Glee Club performed everywhere, no matter how hostile the audience, and it gave the club confidence. Gavel-banger asks where Blaine is thinking of doing this whole thing, and he tells them that it'd be at the Gap at the mall. Because the guy he likes is a junior manager there. Since Kurt has no recollection of taking a soul-crushing retail job, he realizes that Blaine's not in love with him. The group votes as the camera focuses on Kurt's shocked face.

Cut to... a slumber party? Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt, all in pajamas, are hanging out in Rachel's room. Okay, I guess this is a thing that we'll just go with. Kurt has just told them the story, and Rachel asks if Blaine ever actually said that he and Kurt were dating. Kurt realizes that he made the entire thing up in his head, based on the fact that they sang a few duets together and Blaine is constantly smiling at him. Honey, don't blame yourself. Blame the writers. Mercedes and Rachel commiserate with him, although in Rachel's case it spins off into a description of a crazy plan to use his kissing booth to force him to kiss her one hundred times. Mercedes calls her back to Earth with a reminder that they're supposed to be giving Kurt advice. Mercedes tells Kurt that he should go to the Gap attack in order to scope out the competition. And then she tells Kurt and Rachel that they are both too guy crazy, and they need to be more like Mercedes, who is totally comfortable being alone. "The three of us are divas. Look at our idols -- Whitney, Barbra, Patty Lupone. They all became stars while they were single. They took all the pain and loneliness and put it into their music. People can relate to it. Everyone feels lonely. Harnessing their pain is why they became legends." Rachel seems convinced, although Kurt still has a sad look on his face. And then they all climb into bed for a snuggle.

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