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Love, Lima Style

Nurse's office. Quinn's mother has come to pick her up, and Finn wakes from a nap to find Rachel laying a cold compress on his forehead. Rachel also lays a whole guilt trip on him, telling him that she's well aware that Quinn is prettier than her and that it meant so much to her that he chose Rachel over Quinn. She asks if he did kiss Quinn, and he admits it, claiming he just needed to get it out of his system. She asks what it felt like, and he tells her he saw fireworks. And then he hesitates when she asks if kissing her ever set off fireworks. Well, the first time they kissed it set off fireworks in his pants. Does that count? Rachel decides his hesitation means that her lips lack sufficient gunpowder, so she walks away with one tear in her eye. Finn tries to stop her, but she tells him this was actually what she needed to get over him, and that he gave her a great idea for a song. As she walks away, she starts singing Katy Perry's "Firework." And she sings it down the hallway and right into the music room. And also into her bedroom. And (wearing a different outfit) down a hallway full of students carrying sparklers. It must be a meeting of the Burn Wound Club.

Rachel, looking trepidatious, sits down in a booth at Breadstix. She's alone until Mercedes, Single-T Tina, and Mike Chang join her. And then Kurt is on the microphone, which is on a stage (?), welcoming everyone to the First Annual Kurt Hummel Lonely-hearts Dinner. Everyone from Glee Club, except for the infectious Finn and Quinn, are scattered at different tables. Which means that Santana and Sam are both sitting alone. Can I say, from Kurt's vantage point on the stage (?), Breadstix looks like it's about the size of the teacher's lounge at McKinley. Did I mention that Kurt's wearing his Dalton uniform? Did they glue that thing to his body when he enrolled? The rest of his wardrobe must be feeling neglected. Anyway, the rest of the Warblers (who I guess are all dateless on Valentine's Day, which makes sense given their wardrobe choices) are on the stage (?) with Kurt. Kurt's introduction finished, the Warblers start singing Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs," with Blaine (of course) on lead. After the first verse, the Warblers move out into the restaurant and start dancing around and with various patrons. Points to Blaine for singing the line about love sometimes never coming at all right in Santana's face. Someone must given him lessons in how to be catty. And then the Warblers get back on the stage (?) as the song and the episode ends. But not before Santana and Ladylips exchange a glance fraught with portent.

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