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Love, Lima Style

Coffee shop. This time, it's Blaine who is sickened by all of the Valentine's Day crap for sale. Kurt notes his changed attitude, and Blaine tells him, "I don't think I've ever made that big a big fool of myself. Which is really saying something, because I've performed at theme parks. I just... I can't believe I made it all up in my head." And then we learn that Kurt has taken his courage pills that morning, because he asks Blaine what he (Kurt) was supposed to think about his coffees with Blaine, and the sweet duets, and constant hanging out. Blaine seems completely gobsmacked, like he never even considered the idea that he and Kurt might date. (And this makes me feel a little better, because even I wasn't that obtuse in high school.) Blaine confesses that for all his bravado, he's actually a clueless dude who's never dated any guys. And neither has Kurt. Blaine tells Kurt that he really cares about him, but is clearly an idiot when it comes to romance, and he doesn't want to screw "this" up. It's not sure what "this" is supposed to be -- his friendship with Kurt? A potential romance with Kurt? His perfectly coiffed hair? But Kurt seems to understand, and telling Blaine that their relationship will be just like When Harry Met Sally..., provided Kurt gets to be Meg Ryan. He can be Meg Ryan so long as he promises to stay away from her plastic surgeon. Blaine notes that Harry and Sally get together at the end of the movie, and they both seem a little happy at that idea. They arrive at the front of the line and Kurt orders for the two of them, causing Blaine to repeat Kurt's earlier line about knowing each other's coffee orders. And then Kurt says he has an idea bout what the two of them can do on Valentine's Day.

Cut to Puck in some outdoor location making out with a woman who is not Lauren Tuna. Just as you think he's stupidly ruining his chances with our favorite Greco-Roman wrestler, he comes up for air and thanks the woman he's kissing for making out with him, since it takes the sting out of being stood up by Lauren. She tells him, "It's cool. My dad's a drug addict, so losers make me horny." And we learn that the kissee is a waitress at Breadstix, as another waitress sticks her head out the door and insists that she come back and cover her section. And that she return her husband's phone call. Also, in case there was any doubt, the stencil on the glass door makes it clear that Breadstix is, indeed, spelled with an x. Thanks for the validation, show! (To be fair, I believe this is validation of Demian, who first spelled it that way.)

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