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El Viaje Misterioso de Suzy Pepper

Will enters the music room to find Rachel holding a pot of flowers. She tells him that the ballad she's selected has an important message she wants him to hear. He cuts her off and tells her that her behavior has been totally inappropriate. She tells him she already knows. The flowers are an apology, and the song she was going to sing was "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" (The flowers have a card in them -- "Sorry I've been acting crazy!") Rachel sits down and starts crying. Will tells her that he knows things aren't always easy for her, and that there are things about herself that she might like to change. "But you should know that there's some boy out there who's going to like you for everything you are. Including those parts of you that even you don't like. Those are gonna be the things he likes the most." Rachel is reassured by this. Mr. Schue decides they should bag rehearsal, since Rachel doesn't really need any help with her ballads.

Auditorium. Kurt and Finn are talking before they rehearse. Finn has clearly just told Kurt the story of the horrible, no good, very bad dinner party, including the fact that Mr. Fabray gave Quinn exactly thirty minutes to pack before leaving. Kurt apologizes for coming up with the plan that caused the problem. But Finn tells him he's glad not to have any more secrets. Finn thinks they should work on Kurt's ballad, and asks him what the song is. Kurt: "'I Honestly Love You.'" Heh. Finn thinks it sounds positive and nice and awesome, although he can't bring himself to look Kurt in the eyes. Fortunately, we're saved from any more awkwardness as Mercedes interrupts them to drag them off to the music room, where there's something the Glee Club wants to give to Finn and Quinn.

Mercedes leads Finn into the music room, telling him to open his eyes since she never told him to close them. Quinn is already there, sitting in a chair. Finn looks around, asking if there's cake. Will tells Finn and Quinn that the Glee Club wants to sing them a song to let them know how they feel about them. Is there a song that says "one of you is dumb and the other is a crazy liar"? No, instead they're going to sing "Lean On Me." And it's pretty awesome, with Artie and Mercedes singing lead. At the point where everyone's repeating "call me," Finn gets a special little "call me" gesture from Kurt, and Quinn gets one from Puck. They each notice, and neither seems entirely comfortable. As the song is nearing its end, Mercedes pulls Finn and Quinn up and makes them dance with the rest of the club.

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