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El Viaje Misterioso de Suzy Pepper

Basement of Finn's house. Kurt's there -- he's offering his services as a fashion consultant as Finn tries to find something nice to wear to the Fabrays' house for dinner. He's looking in a trunk of his dad's old clothes that his mother never threw away. His military uniform is in there. Kurt tells his own story about how his father can't throw away his mother's stuff, and they bond over their dead parents. Finn pulls a suit jacket out of the trunk. It fits, and Kurt pronounces it "not half bad." There's a moment of awkwardness as Kurt picks two ties for Finn to compare, thereby placing his hands on Finn's shoulders. As Finn looks at himself in the mirror, he's sad that his father was "brave enough to fight in some desert thousands of miles away, and [he] can't even go other to Dudley Road and tell the Fabrays the truth." Kurt tells him that his father didn't fight empty-handed -- he had a weapon. Finn: "You think I should bring a gun?" If I remember my Glenn Beck correctly, I think you're required to bring a gun. But Kurt is thinking of metaphorical weapons. No, not Finn's penis -- his singing voice.

Will walks in the front door of his apartment. The acapella music of insanity is playing, but since he lives with Terri, I assume that music is always playing. Will calls out that he's home, hangs up his jacket, and sits on the couch. Someone hands him a beer from behind the couch, and he takes it with gratitude. But he changes his tune when the "you're welcome" he gets comes from Rachel, not Terri. Rachel: "Casserole's almost ready. Hope you like venison."

Cut to the kitchen, where Will is asking Terri why she let Rachel in the house. Terri: "'Cause she said she was one of your glee kids. It didn't take me five minutes to realize she's in love with you. She asked if she could see your baby pictures." Will: "So now you're making her clean our bathroom?" Terri: "Look, Will, I have been dealing with these schoolgirl crushes for years. So why shouldn't I get a little something out of it?" Rachel, wearing yellow rubber gloves, enters the kitchen and asks Terri where to find more Ajax. Terri tells her, and as Rachel leaves, she gives a tiny little wave of one gloved hand to Will. That wave was the funniest moment of the entire episode. Will thinks it's immoral for Terri to take advantage of Rachel's crush. Terri thinks the real immorality is that Will spends his day surrounded by nubile young students. I think the real immorality is that Puck is allowed to wear a shirt. Terri complains that she's got a rash on her belly form the cocoa butter his mother sent her, so she can't scrub the floor as hard as Rachel. Will, concerned about the rash, reaches out to feel Terri's stomach and offers to look at it. Terri: "So now I'm gonna show you the bleeding pustules on my skin? Wow, no, that's not gonna send you into the loving arms of some teenage slut." Will denies having an affair with any of his students, and accuses Terri of having an irrational fear of him leaving her. She thinks making Rachel work is win-win for everybody. Especially since Rachel is apparently a very good cook. But Will's not going to taste the venison casserole -- he storms off to drive Rachel home. Terri: "Can you ask her to dust the blinds in the craft room first?"

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