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This week's theme is "Adaptability," which is fitting because I will have to adapt to not having a DVR this week. Yeah, yeah, I know, white people problems. I acknowledge that this problem has nothing on the trials and tribulations in the day-to-day life of a Glee Project contestant. Onward.

Thank god, Aylin and Charlie have decided to put their "romance" on hold in lieu of friendship and competition. I think she just realized that he was annoying. Charlie is glad that now they can put all that energy they used to put into cuddling into "kicking each other's asses." He wants to get laid so bad.

"Friendshiiiiip," Charlie cheers half-heartedly, holding on to Aylin just a little too tight. Do you think he knows Aylin just wants to focus her feminine wiles on Blake?

Robert walks in and announces that the theme this week is "Adaptability," and I'm starting to think these kids are told to be excited about whatever he tells them. It's very America's Next Top Model. "I AM Adaptability!" Mario insists, because he is blind. I don't know if you forgot that or not. He adapts daily, as Charlie keeps re-arranging the furniture in their dorm "as a goof."

The homework song is Alannis Morissette's "You Oughta Know." In the spirit of adaptability, the lyrics will not be chosen, but randomly assigned to the contestants. Michael is pleased by the opportunity to "not think about it," and Charlie thinks adaptability is about "always saying yes." I'm pretty sure he is relishing this week because he fancies himself an improviser, when actually he is just impossible to work with.

The day of the homework assignment, Robert walks in and introduces this week's guest, who knows "all about rolling with the punches." It's Kevin McHale, who Ali has been watching to see if he's "cheating" with his wheelchair. Kevin says that things are always changing on the set of Glee and, not to be a bitch, but it shows. He tells them that they won't actually be singing "You Oughta Know" as rehearsed, but, individually as a solo. So this will be an experiment in bad karaoke, without the alcohol. If these contestants are anything like me, the only part of this song they really know is "'cause the mess that you made wasn't blah blah-blah-blah and the something something to be open wide ... and you know eehhhht!" Because that's the only fun part to sing.

The most striking performance was probably Blake's, because he was so shockingly bland and calculated. That's not the Blake we know. Kevin McHale thought Michael over-acted, Aylin did well, Charlie changed the lyrics proving an even higher level of adaptability, and Ali is sweet in real life but got down with it. I bet he wants to give her that one-on-one so he can learn what it's like to actually be in a wheelchair. But in the end, Kevin McHale chooses Aylin as the winner. She acted it well, and didn't screw up the words too bad. Kevin announces that the music video number is ... a surprise. Oh, snap.

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