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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

Rory wants to know what Lorelai thinks she should do. "Oh, honey," Lorelai says. "I think it's your decision." Rory: "You're really not going to give me your opinion?" Lorelai says no, she thinks this is something Rory has to decide. "I love him, I do," Rory sighs. "But on the other hand, we're so young. I'm only twenty-two. But on the other hand, what does age matter when you're in love? But on the other hand, what is the rush?" Lorelai: "Well, you're like a circus freak with all the hands." Rory is flabbergasted. "Won't you just tell me what to do?" she begs. "This is like the bird versus turtle Halloween costume all over again." Lorelai says well, she didn't crack then, and she's not going to crack now. "I just think you need to figure it out," she says. "And remember, that flying turtle bird was the most original costume in the third grade." Rory sighs. "Yeah," she says. "But this time I have to choose. Turtle or bird." Lorelai: "Well, you're not in third grade anymore." Am I having some kind of hormonal imbalance or something? Because this shit is making me tear up. This wasn't the best episode, as a whole, but everything between Lorelai and Rory was great and made me all nostalgic and emotional, just in time for Mother's Day. Damn you, Graham and Bledel and your shiny hair and beautiful...ness.

Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai takes a walk through town to clear her head and, you know, see if Kirk is still in the box. She runs into Luke, who is still around the diner, waiting on the softball team to finish celebrating their big win. She tells him about Logan proposing to Rory. "So," he says, trying to gauge her opinion, "you're leaning toward no?" Ah. They proceed to have a very thinly veiled argument about commitment and marriage, using Logan and Rory as stand-ins for their own messed-up relationship. Luke says he could understand why Lorelai would be reluctant to support a marriage between Rory and Logan, seeing as how Rory's so young. "It is the most important decision of your life," he says, "I mean, you know, her life." Lorelai shrugs, saying well, they love each other. Logan's been great. "Maybe they got it together young," she says. "Some people do." Luke: "Right, and others need time." The veil of passive-aggression is getting a bit thinner, here. "Sure," Lorelai half-snarks, "or they're never ready." Luke protests, faux-casually, that he wouldn't say never, just that some people need to take a little more time to make sure things are right. "Well," Lorelai says, "sometimes you have to take a leap of faith." He looks right in her eyes. "Well," he says, "you gotta know what you're leaping into." Lorelai stares back. "After all this time," she says, "how could you not know?" The "you chickenshit" is implied heavily. "How could who not know?" he asks, semi-bravely, but Lorelai refuses to be the one to say it. "Rory," she says. "Right," Luke concludes. "Rory." She sighs, saying she's going to go home, but he stops her. Inside the diner, he grabs the earring box for Rory, pausing to stare at the necklace he bought for Lorelai. He doesn't give it to her. Instead, back outside, he presents the smaller box to Lorelai, who is taken aback. "I got this for Rory," he says, bringing her back to reality. She thanks him, saying it was nice of him to be so thoughtful, and they say a terse goodnight as, above the street, Kirk curls up to sleep for the night.

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