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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

Outside, Rory is amazed again when she sees a horse-drawn carriage waiting for them. "I'm sorry," Logan says. "I know you said you were over grand gestures, but that's what wedding proposals are!" Rory says no, it's not the size of the gesture that's freaking her out, it's the gesture itself. "Rory," he says, "I got the job out in Silicon Valley." She is very happy for him and wonders why he didn't tell her. He was waiting, he says, to give her the news until after he proposed. "Wow," Rory says, "you've been thinking about this a long time." Yes, he has, he says. He realized, after all this business mess he's been through in the past few years, that all he really needs to be happy is her. "You would love Palo Alto," he says, giving her the hard sell. "We could go hiking in the Dish on weekends; biking at the Baylands." Rory: "Wow. California Me sounds really athletic." Logan: "Or coffee-drinking on University Avenue." She says that sounds more like it. He goes on, telling her he found a house they might be able to rent, one with an avocado tree in the backyard. "Well," she says, warming to it, "I do like guacamole..." He says the place he's found is only about 35 miles from San Francisco, and she could work at either of the big papers there. Rory's overwhelmed. She says that all of it sounds great, and that she's blown away by the research he's done, but... He interrupts her. "Remember when we stood on top of that that tower and held hands and jumped?" he asks. "Let's do that again, Rory. Let's jump." She looks at him with stars in her eyes.

Inside, Emily paces frantically. "Why didn't she just say yes?" she bitches. "He's a Huntzberger. An offer like this doesn't come around every day." Lorelai points out that this was a marriage proposal, not a sale on linens, and Richard tries to inject some rationality into the scene, saying Rory was just caught off guard and needed to get her bearings. Lorelai's cell phone rings. "Is that Rory?" Emily asks, anxious. "Did she say yes?" Lorelai walks toward the door, where she runs into Christopher. "Hey," she says, "it's Rory. Do you want to come?" Christopher says no, Lorelai should go, and she heads out.

In the horse-drawn carriage, mother and daughter ride around campus talking it out. Alexis Bledel is wonderful in this scene, talking about how she couldn't answer Logan, and how sad she was to disappoint him. "I just had to explain to him how out of the blue this is," she says. "I mean, this is seriously out of the blue. Out of the deepest, darkest, naviest blue! And...why are you so calm?" Lorelai comes clean -- she tells Rory about Logan asking permission. "Wow," Rory says, amazed. "You are really a good secret-keeper." Lorelai: "Not really. I told Sookie; I told your dad; Paul Anka and I discussed it at length." Y'all know Paul Anka was against it. He would never want to travel for visits to California. All that sand in his silken locks? Nightmare.

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