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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

Inside the party, Richard clinks a glass to get the attention of all gathered. "Ladies and gentlemen, first let me thank you for coming to celebrate my granddaughter's graduation," he says, immediately receiving a pinch from Emily. "I beg your pardon," he adds, correcting himself. "Thank you for celebrating our granddaughter's graduation." The crowd tee-hees politely, especially when Emily adds: "I can't let him take all the credit, I mean, have you seen her? Can you blame me?" Aw. Rory looks appropriately embarrassed. But the sweet humiliation does not end there! No. Richard says that as they sat down to prepare a speech, no words seemed appropriate enough so, naturally, they decided instead to, you know, rewrite "You're the Top" and perform it in front of all their high-falutin' friends. It's basically the cutest thing ever, even when they both pretend they can't sing, which both actors can do quite well. The song (in which we learn that Rory is Phi Beta Kappa) could not be more awesome, and Rory is amused and delighted. When they finish, Rory thanks them profusely, and says to everyone that there's no way she could have made it through Yale without her grandparents. While everyone applauds at the sweetness, Christopher gets a message on his Blackberry from Gigi's babysitter. He's about to go out to answer it when Logan stops him. "Would you mind waiting?" he asks, nervously. "Trust me, you'll want to stick around for this." Christopher and Lorelai stare open-mouthed as Logan steps to the front of the room to make a speech. "He's not gonna... " Chris says, in shock. "Not here," Lorelai whispers, "not now..."

But, oh yes, he IS gonna, right here, right now. Logan shakily starts his speech. Rory amazes him every day. He's learned over the past year that he doesn't know much, but he knows he loves Rory and wants to be with her forever. While Emily watches in smug satisfaction, and Lorelai and Chris try to keep it together, Rory catches on. He's proposing. "Rory Gilmore," he says, "will you marry me?" I don't know how they all do it, but every actor in this scene is so amazing -- the blood literally drains from Lorelai's face while Rory blushes all the way to her ears. "Wow," she says. "Wow...I'm just so surprised." Poor Logan, nearly beside himself, asks if there's a yes anywhere in between those wows. Finally, Rory asks if they can step outside to talk. "Play something, now," Emily hisses at the pianist, and the crowd uncomfortably returns to milling around as Lorelai, Richard and Christopher stand in shock.

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