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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

At a reception thrown by the elder Gilmores in honor of the graduation, Rory is shanghaied by some of her old DAR cronies only to be saved by Logan, oiling over to remind her how beautiful she is. Meanwhile, Lorelai is ambushed in similar fashion by some nosy women wondering just how it is possible that she has a daughter old enough to attend college. Well, ladies, when a girl becomes a woman...listen, I don't have time, just trust me, it's possible. Also, lock up your daughters. Lorelai is also rescued by a frosted, shiny gentleman -- Christopher calls her cell and asks her to meet him outside before he comes in. Apparently, they haven't seen each other in person since the divorce became final. They do that UBER-annoying thing of saying "hi" to each other -- you know what I mean? I'm not saying it's annoying to greet another person, but why do TV shows and romantic comedies try to make us believe that it is in some way cute to nervously say "hi" back and forth like a couple of seventh graders at a dance? Whatever. I'm having a hard time explaining what I mean, and I see it's making me sound like a grumpy old man at a bus stop. "HI?! In my day, people said hello by punching each other in the nuts!"

Anyway, here they are, saying hi and being cute. Chris asks how Lorelai's feeling about Rory graduating. "I'm excited...sad...nostalgic," she says, looking wistful. "Terrified," she adds, telling Christopher about Logan asking for the proposal permission. Chris is shocked. "He hasn't done it yet," Lorelai tells him, "and maybe he'll back out, but he definitely asked." Chris is amazed. "She's so young," he says. "What did you say?" Lorelai reports, shrugging her shoulders, that she told Logan he could ask her. Christopher says he has to let it sink in. "You hear about people asking the father," he says. "Not that you don't deserve to be asked. It's just more stuff I've missed." Blegh. Yes, it is. Do you think David Sutcliffe is tired of saying that line over and over? How many times has he had to say it? Also, this: when he mopes a little, Lorelai cringes, saying they'll "figure out this divorced parenting thing eventually." WHAT? Huh? They were married for like, six minutes! They've had this mutual kid, however, for more than twenty years! So, wow, that is a weird line. Maybe it was supposed to be like: "we'll figure out this divorced, parenting thing eventually"? Divorced/parenting? In no way does it make any sense. They joke that Rory may be sixty by the time they get it together. By that time, though, Chris will have nine more daughters with various women around Connecticut. Next season on The CW: When Chad Michael Murray goes in search of his long-lost father, he finds more than he bargained for! Tune in Friday nights for Number One Son!

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