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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

Taking pictures after the ceremony, Rory sees Logan waiting for her beneath a tree. They make small talk, but there's only one thing he really wants to know. "Logan," she says. "I'm sorry. I can't. I love you. I love the idea of being married to you." She says that it used to scare her to have her life so wide open in front of her, but now she finds it exciting, and marrying him would not be right. "We can try long-distance," she says, "we've done it before." He says that's not what he wants: "I don't want to go backwards." Rory, sad-faced, asks if it has to be all or nothing. "We could at least try," she says. But, no. He won't go for it. She pulls out the ring, and after a very painful moment, he takes it and says goodbye. Yeah, that was assy, but you have to kind of hand it to both of them -- those were a bunch of grown-up decisions they just both made right in a row. And maybe I was sort of sad to see Logan go. A little. Just a little.

As she and Lorelai carry out the last boxes from her apartment, Rory is very sad. She misses Logan and feels like she can't be happy about her graduation because of the horrible moment with him. "I'm sorry," Lorelai says, full of sympathy. "But I think you made the right decision." She says she knows that Rory will meet someone someday, and she'll just know it's right, and she won't want to hesitate. "So, I guess," Rory says, "no avocado tree." Nope, Lorelai says, but she can get her own tree, whichever kind she wants. "You can get your own peanut tree!" Lorelai says. "And have peanut butter any time you want!" Rory uses her college knowledge to point out that peanuts do not actually grow on trees. "The point is," Lorelai says, "you can have anything you want." Picking up the last box and turning wistfully back to say goodbye to her old life, Rory sighs. "Oh, yes," she says. "It's wide open."

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