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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?

Emily is still bitching about Lorelai's lack of information about Rory's feelings. "I mean, aren't you two bosom buddies?" she digs. "Isn't the sharing of intimate information your thing?" Oh, beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! I love them for including that line, and for letting Emily say it. Lorelai says their "thing" right now is that she's letting Rory make her own decisions. Emily, however, won't let it go, and finally, Richard must step in. She is in such Emily Mode -- complaining about Rory, complaining about the seats, complaining about the late start to the ceremony -- that honestly, it's time to put a bag on her head.

As they line up, Paris panics about whether or not she should say "thank you" or "thank you very much" when she receives her diploma. "If I just say plain 'thank you,' it sounds kind of casual, like he's handing me a slice of pizza," she says. "But 'thank you so much' sounds weird, like I'm acknowledging applause after singing a love ballad." Rory says she thinks she'll just go with a polite smile and a "thank you." They prepare to walk out. "This is it!" Rory says. "We've been drafting off each other since high school," Paris says, "and now it's each woman for herself. Who knows when we'll see each other again, right?" Rory shakes her head. "Paris," she says. "I haven't been able to shake you off all these years. I'm sure we'll be friends for a very long time." Paris gets emotional. "You're gonna do such great things with your life, Rory," she says and, tears in her voice, she throws her arms around Rory's neck. Rory is so surprised that she doesn't return the sentiment, which is a shame, I think. I know this show is short on I-love-yous, but something here would have been sweet.

Outside, as the "G" names begin to be called, Lorelai turns to Chris. "You ready to be parents of a Yale graduate?" she asks. He says he's got the bumper sticker all picked out. Emily is still being ridiculous, leaning over to tell Lorelai about a story in the New York Times recently that reported that people are getting married younger and younger these days. She goes on to irritate everyone, complaining about her chair being wobbly, complaining about the woman in front of her rocking back and forth ("it's like sitting behind Ray Charles!"), complaining about Lorelai not using her influence to make Rory marry Logan. Meanwhile, Paris Eustace (ha!) Gellar graduates. Finally, Richard can take no more of the constant bitching of Emily or of Lorelai's eternal fretting over remembering every detail about the reenactment. "Lorelai," he says. "I will note the time, I will take the photo. You just sit there and enjoy your daughter's graduation from Yale. This is as much your moment as it is hers. Enjoy it." Lorelai takes a deep breath, and as tears come to her eyes, Rory's name is called: "Lorelai Leigh Gilmore." Lorelai can not hold in her joy and stands, cheering for her daughter, tears streaming down her face. Rory, on the dais, pauses, looking proud and grateful. It's really very beautiful, and maybe I'm crying again, shut up.

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